Post Pics Of Your Notch!

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  1. Heres mine, just got it back from paint a few weeks ago.

  2. Crusing Low.......

  3. my newly purchased 86


  4. Photo0060.jpg

    My project
  5. nvr2low-car looks sick with the new rims:nice:

    lwharra-how about some more pix??:shrug:

    d90212-is that a "4 6fox" plate I spot on the front??
  6. yes...96 cobra motor...

  7. I don't have many pics of how it sits now but heres a couple of various stages





  8. I really wish you would reconsider using that GT body kit on the coupe, lwharra. I mean no disrespect, but that kind of thing is just not my cup of tea. The body lines of a clean LX notch just don't flow with that chunky GT kit. Hell, even GTs didn't flow with that ugly GT kit, haha.
  9. @ d90212
    Love that Notch! Looks like mine did when I started. I love the 94-98 cobra's on a 87-93 notch!
  10. Yah I know........... People either hate it or they love it. My wife thinks it looks like a old escort gt, but I'm still undecided wether to pull it and weld up the holes or finish it. I'm kinda wrapped up in rolling new bearings in the spare pill and getting the sc ready to drop in....
  11. not good pics but here ya go.

  12. interior pic


  13. :drool: :drool: :jaw: :rock:

    i think that is one of the sickest notches i've ever seen!!!!
  14. 16638_1159489151827_1365724133_3-1.jpg

    ALL 557ci OF DUD
  15. Found this old photo taken of me and my car as I pulled into a car show, probably back in 02 or 03....back when the car was a shiny red. Damn ford's 1980s clear coat!!!

  16. my boo, just got new shoes.

  17. Ok, just posting a pic of my previous notch. Didn't get to finish it. Friend bought it and is rebuilding.

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  18. come on, dude. there's a specific place for that on this site. have you ever heard of the classifieds or craigslist?