Post them pics!!!!!!

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  1. New to the forum here :) here is my Blown 65 Mustang







  2. nice car, hard to set-up the carb to run w/ the blower? any pics of the widebody completed?
  3. Oddly enough, the last two cars posted are the same color scheme but not the same car. And yes we both have blowers. The fender flares aren't done, the last pic of the flares I posted above are current. This is my 4th blower setup I've put together on these cars, it gets easier with practice. I built the carb for blow through myself this time, haven't run it yet.
  4. Indeed, love the car btw latamud ! Really like the R valance at the front and the suspension setup :nice::eek:
  5. I know very little about actually identifying the engine bits, but I take it you turbocharged an inline 6? Is that a turbocharger from the '60's or a modern one?

    Awesome job btw, I've always wanted to do that--have you dynoed it?

    I have been wondering about this for a while, but what are those polished cylinders pointing vertically?

    And why is it that they are pointing vertically like that? Thanks.
  6. Its a quad double weber setup with fall thru style carbs.

    Its mostly for looks, very hard to tune. Looks sick under the hood !

    The upward pointing "cones" are the inlets to the carb, you can vary the size en length to get a longer or shorter intake so you can choose low end or high end power with your setup.

    Shorter = more power in higher RPM
    Longer = in lower RPM
  7. Awesome, thanks for the information. I always wondered because you usually see an air cleaner of sorts instead of the weber quad double.
  8. Its beter to run them with air-cleaners on top of them. Over here we put Twin-Air "socks" on them.

    Webers are popular over here, on tiny 4 cilinder cars that is... ;) (They call a 1800 cc engine a bigblock here :eek:)
  9. Wow, an 1800cc a bigblock? What would a 7200 cc engine be? Completely alien/monstrous?

    I like muscle cars, but I have to admit, after 331 cubic inches or so, these engines as far as I know would get a bit top heavy and the car's handling would suffer.

    I know muscle cars aren't supposed to handle like porsches, but my dream car would be a GT 390 with modern suspension (torsion bars as IRS, etc.)

    For some reason, it is ingrained in my consciousness as a really awesome car--probably because I saw Top Gear's Richard Hammond driving his and absolutely fell in love.
  10. The roads here aren't that big, and gas prices are Gigantic over here.

    Most big cars here have 2.0 engines, but the HP is good ! My old regular car was a 1.8 20 valve wich put out a healthy 284HP :nice:

    A good handling muscle car is possible, its what i'm doing with my mustang at the moment. It just takes more time, and headache about the money :eek:
  11. a five valve four cylinder car, that is fairly impressive.

    284 hp is surprisingly good, but I imagine horsepower was achieved at a fairly high RPM.

    Good luck with your restoration, let me know how it goes. Btw, what engine/suspension are you using?
  12. Its a little OT here ;).

    But it was made at lower RPMS, but the car had a turbocharger !
    Was scary in such a little car !

    Engine is a 331 stroker with trickflow heads and paxton supercharger, MSD distributor and 6BMT etc.. a long list of parts went in it.

    Suspension is a TCP power rack and pinion and Coil overs are the next thing. The rear end is a project for next year.
  13. '69 SCJ Candy Apple Red Mach 1 Drag Pac

    bought the car out of a junkyard with my dad in '00, tore it down over my freshman, sophmore year of Hs, and reassembled with my dad just in time for my Senior prom (had it hot wired..hehe)
    Then drove it to Texas A&M at the end of the summer from San Diego with a 347 stroker and a 4 speed
    Did some autoXing, and Open track events and then drove it home in 07
    After piecing together an original 428 from swap meet parts I installed that motor and a T-56 to drive it back to school again for my 4th year in college. Pretty much stick to Drag Racing and car shows with the big Fe weight up front, but WOW gotta love the 489 ft.lbs of Tq!!!!

    Here are the pics...
    Junkyard OriginalPics4.jpg Originals.jpg
    Pullin the motor w/Dad
    Inside OriginalPics7.jpg
    Sandblasted n8351961_36424076_3648.jpg
    Painted in Mexico for 900 bucks!!!!
    Starting to piece it together n8351961_36424147_7810.jpg

    Can't find the engine installation pics but here I am about to pick up my prom date
    Open Track @ Texas World Speedway
    After getting the hood Painted black
    OUGame144.jpg DragRaceNasty001.jpg


    There are a bunch more pics and I think a video on this other site...Pictures and sounds of a 1969 Mach 1 347 Stroker motor T-56 6 speed roll cage all the amenities of a race car!
  14. NICE, that is pretty baller. What did your prom date think?
  15. ha, she loved it! def. the coolest car in the parking lot too:D
  16. Thats awesome Man!
  17. Couple recent pics of my two stangs together. :)

  18. Sweet!

    That coupe rocks.

    The Shelby is nice too. I've never seen one with that color stripes before. Is it factory?
  19. I love the new GT500's
  20. Yup, factory colors.