Prank war... Need Ideas...!

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  1. Im gonna have to take some pics for you guys... a prank war has begun in my apartment... Me and my roommate vs my other 2 roommates... the one always complains so we are trying to get back at him... today i taped a cup full of ice cold water above my door to turn over and dump... took like 5 pieces of tape and a cup with a dent in it... and used the door as a fulcrum to pivit the cup and it actualy dumped down and splashed about 6 ft in to the hall... Bingo

    Anyone have any good non destructive ideas????
  2. When hes sleeping duct tape the **** out of his door so when he opens it, its duct tape saw it somewere
  3. smoke machine in the house while hes sleeping...then scream FIRE
  4. :lol: funny stuff

    just don't yell it too loud lol
  5. yea simple things like that work great i dont wanna go over board... i think we are gonna bubble wrap his bed when he is at class... hide walkie talkies and alarm clocks all over their room... i know ill win... just not sure if i wanna pull crazy all in one night huge prank.. or slowly build up

    They said cars are out of the question.... was gonna saran wrap the kids jeep
  6. have guero walk into his room one night with his ak
  7. :eek:
  8. My brother once took a piece of chewing gum (that he had been chewing forever) and placed it in a shower head. He made sure the head pores were not completely clogged. The guy that took a shower next .... in about 10 minutes .... had gooey melted chewing gum in his hair.

    Then, there's always the Kool Aid in the shower head prank. I've seen that one, too .... and it works very well, lol. Or just dump some in their shampoo bottle / body wash bottle.
  9. Fill his entire room with crumpled newspapers.

    You will need a few months supply to pull it off, but it will work. :nice:
  10. when theyre sleeping shave off their eyebrows. Then cut off a few chunks of hair. game over you win:)
  11. Replace shampoo contents with Nair....

    then take pictures.
  12. -Vasoline the toilet seat.
    -Wait until he comes home drunk and duct tape him to his bed.
    -Put something in his shoes that he won't notice (vasoline works great here also)
    -wake up 10 minutes before he does and hopefully he sleeps with his door closed... if the doorknob is metal heat it up a bit with a torch/lighter/etc.. wait until he tires and opens that ;)
    - subscribe him to homo magizines
    - put honey in his shampoo bottle
    - tie his shoes together
    - steal 1 of every shoe he owns
    - hide his car keys
    - Hide his cloths

    That's just some ideas... if all that fails you can always post embarrasing pictures of him on the internet.
  13. How far are you willing to go? Do you like this guy enough to not see him get hurt or will his pain bring you pleasure?

    -I'd start buy letting all the air out of his tires.
    -If he wakes up before it gets light out i would place mouse traps all over the floor by his bed.
    -I like the fog machine and fire prank a lot (thanks)

    I need to know more about your enemy to plan a good one.

  14. i like this one :lol:
  15. A dab of ice hot on the jock or in his underwear. Always worked back in the football days.
  16. Upper deck his toilet!

    Or in college we use to take the tops off the toilet and take the hose that fills the top of the toilet with water and face it at the user. When he flushs the toilet the hose will drench whoever flushed it.
  17. cover his entire room in post-its

    or alum foil
  18. Place a personal ad with his cell...........................

    None of this is evil enough..................................

    I don't know what types of reptiles you have in Jersey but in VA it was common to find a black or green snake.........not copperhead or moccasin......and put them in his bed ........................have the paddles ready................
  19. **** his girlfriend in the ass. If no girlfriend then his sister if she is legal. If she isn't then his mom and let your buddy tag his grandmother.
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  20. That just wrong! Whats the matter with you?

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