Prank war... Need Ideas...!

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  1. Now that's EVIL.................................:rlaugh:
    your demented...............................funny.......................but demented:rlaugh:
  2. You could put the stopper up on the shower. So that when he turns on the water, the (always cold) first shot gets him. That's a little thing, but you should start out small and then keep escalating.

    *Grease/vaseline his windsheild wipers.
    *Nail (descretely)the drawers shut on his dresser. *Replace his mattress with a cardboard box. (Some engineering may be required, if you can't find a perfectly sized box.)
    *Disconnect coil wire on his car.
    *Fill his car with shipping peanuts or wadded newspapers.
    *Take the antenna off his car. When he gets a new one do it again. When you get a bunch of them, put em under the sheet on his bed.

    Lots more where that came from. The idea is to "slightly annoy" him repeatedly. Wait until he's not expecting it. Start small and "answer" everything he does to you with a just slightly bigger one. Good luck! Let us know how it's going.
  3. If you wave wood floors spray WD40 on the floor and watch him wipe out.
  4. I saw a video of this but I cant find it.

    Get a boot, put it on the end if a stick, and rig it up to the door so that when he opens it it will fall down and hit him IN DA NUTZ
  5. get some dog poop and smear it under/behind the handles on anything and everything he touches. army friend of mine did that to some guys before back in the day.

    or you could pull a real mad world and shiv his dad.
  6. Done this one ..... at a youth camp none the less.

    Get a can of sardine's, pilchard, or herring. Open it up. Place in a hidden area (I put it under someone's bed). Under a dryer or refrigerator would be best. Wait a few hours.
  7. Yeah definitely something along the lines of hiding something in his room that will smell horrendous over time. Haha, smear dog poop all over his sheets.
  8. Place a fire extinguisher under his bed and pull the pin. When he lays down and the handle is activated he will crap himself.
  9. freeze a can of shaving cream for a couple of days, take it out open it with a can opener from the bottom put it under his bed and when it thaws it will expand all over his room
  10. put powdered milk on his bed sheets before he gets home and in the morning hell smell like sheet:D or dog poo, anything that stinks under his pillow in the pillow case he'll love the smell:rolleyes:

    frozen shaving creme under bed :nice: i would love to see that

    any pranks that you choose try to get some pics :nice:
  11. Shimp inside the shower curtain rod will drive him nuts for at least a few days.

    If you access to the water heater, reduce that bich to freezing cold, no heat at all.

    You could download a bunch of gay pr0n on his computer desktop, kinda like the shemale vids thread...

    Set off the smoke alarms at 4:56 in the morning...

    Lock your door with an annoying ass song playing through your speakers, or a sound kinda like a loud water drop, or dogs periodically barking... He won't be able to turn if off.

    Take every last lick of his furniture and remove it to the front of the building, or at least down the hall, and set it up perfectly like it was in his room...
    He will see it, and know exactly he has been had.
  12. Wait until he has to go to the bathroom really bad (for a #3). Get in there before him and ceran wrap the toilet bowl under the seat. When he goes, he will have a nice suprise.

    Open a can of sardin's and place it in a box just big enough for the can to fit in. Cut holes on the top of the box, and place it under clothes in one of his drawers. Fish smell clothes are freakin disgusting.

    If he has a ceiling fan. Take some invisible ink and place on top of the blades. When he turns on the fan, it will go all over the place.

    Put a gay ad in the paper with his cell number in it.

    Get his car keys and move it to another friends house. Tell him it got repo'd

    Give me some time, I'm sure that I can come up with some more. We went through this at Although, anything went. Cars got towed because somehow they got pushed in the middle of the road, people got woken up with fire exinguishers, and some even got ceran wraped to chairs when they fell asleep. You also didn't want to get caught in the back bathroom, hmmm hole in the ceiling and a fire hose behind the room equals to a soaked person leaving the bathrrom. Some truck drivers used to screw with us too. We used to unlock the trailer from the tractor and lower the legs a bit. When he drove off, the trailer would stay behind. Or we would losen the air brake lines a bit, so when he went over the speed bumps they would come off and all the wheels on the trailer would lock up.

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  14. lol where the hell do you live?
  15. heres one for you.

    get some clear gelatin and put it in the toilet water let it set then put a thin layer of water over it to make it look normal when he pees his legs will be coated in his own.
    This also is a double shot cuz hes gotta stick his arm in there to squish all the gelatin up so he can flush it!!
  16. i say fill his room to the ceiling with shipping peanuts, also change his lock to his room so he has to break in to open the door. a wave of shipping peanuts coming right at him.

    i would rent a donkey or pony for a day and as soon as he leaves in the morining lock the animal in his room. a pack of monkeys would be even better cause they throw their own mud pies.

    i would spike all the drinks in the house with laxatives and take the toilet out of the house, and plug the drian.

    or you could cut holes in all of his clothes, but put all of them back the same way.
  17. Ok go to dunkin donuts and wait till they get rid of all the donuts at the end of the night when they are getting shipment. Steal the bags and when he isn't home just dump all the bags out all over his room. You can always take a dump in his shoes, his floor, drawers, pretty much anywhere is good.
  18. This was all done at work..LOL I used to work for a Fabric company. I was in the warehouse. It was the best job I ever had. It got even better when the supervisor got involved. Someone got him with exlax in his coffee.

    There was alot of pranks that involved tampering with the order-pickers and forklifts, that I can't discuss because they were a bit dangerous. One of them was to losen up the bolts that held on one of the front drive wheels, Then get him to chase you, and watch his face reaction when the wheel passes him up.:rlaugh:

    There are some good pranks listed here. As a matter of fact, I am going to print some out and keep them handy for the right time. Especially the kool-aid in the shower head and the fog machine in the apartment to yell out fire..:rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:

  19. In boarding school we used to piss in a bucket, fill it up with water and lean it against peoples doors at night. when they woke up and opened the door they would get a stinky wet surprise that lasts.

    We called it Typhooning.

    We also put bleach in kids hair while he was sleeping. When he woke up and took a shower his black hair had bright yellow spots in it.

    We also shaved his eye brows, but he got one of my friends back by crapping in a pringols can, breaknig into another kids room, dumping the poop on a kids bed and locking the door behind him. The whole dorm smelled.

    I'll keep on thinking...