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  1. I tookd my 2005 ranger in for an oil change on Tues. I talked with the sales manager who I have already bought 3 Ford's from. I told him I was interested in the GT500. He told me that he already has 25 buyers who have put money down. The actual price from his lot will be around 85K. He has people from Northern VA who have been quoted prices from local dealers at 100K, so they are coming to the Norfolk area to reserve cars. To make a long story short, I won't be buying one.
  2. I know it sucks, but some of us are going to have to wait until next year. The prices wont stay that high forever. Some people just have more money than brains and are willing to pay then big bucks for a car that they will never drive anyways. Next year will be our turn! :nice:
  3. Read the other threads. Someone just paid $600,000 for one. :eek:
  4. I hope the 30,000 workers Ford is about to lay off know that Ford is turning away eager buyers by the droves who want to buy a premium, high profit $50,000 car. I know that satisfying Shelby 500 demand would hardly be enough to save all of these jobs, but sheesh-you gotta wonder.
  5. I dont believe that one bit, my uncle just bought a brand new Z06 for 81,000. The sticker said 71,000, so if its only a 10,000 dollar mark up i dont believe the mustang is gona b any wher near that
  6. Whoever is paying $600,000 for the GT500 (or any car for that matter, really) needs to be shot in the face. Wishful thinking...

  7. AMEN! to that ...

    Ford is being ridiculous about the GT 500!
  8. Believe what you want. All I reported is what the sales manager told me. Time and the market will tell.....American capitalism at work. The way it should be.
  9. As I have stated previosly, the problem here is that this is a once in a lifetie situation as far as being able to purchase a new shelby mustang. The fact that its a well received body style lends itself well to the throwback-always wanted a shelby cowd, It has the most announced hp of any factory built mustang and a limited two year relatively low production run. Also there isnt any direct competition at the moment, no camaro, no challenger. This car is going to remain tough to get and IMO will never sell below MSRP unless its carried over beyond two years or they pump up the volume, neither of which seems likely at the moment.
  10. If your dealer really has 25 people with money on a GT-500, I bet most of them are speculators looking to make a quick buck, like ticket scalpers.

  11. ...ain't that the truth. bet we'll see more than a hand full for (re)sale ...ebay, etc.

    I knew I'd hafta wait a couple years for one..but now it looks like it'll be a good while longer.

    ..(that is if I hadn't gone back to my original plan to locate an earlier model gt500).
  12. "Originally Posted by Johnman
    I hope the 30,000 workers Ford is about to lay off know that Ford is turning away eager buyers by the droves who want to buy a premium, high profit $50,000 car. I know that satisfying Shelby 500 demand would hardly be enough to save all of these jobs, but sheesh-you gotta wonder."

    I feel the same way, That said I still have not seen any prodution limit anounced yet. I maybe wishful thinking that when the concept car rolled out in detroit last year it was said they would build as many as people wanted, I am still hopefull they ment that. If they are as hard to get as it looks like they maybe I will just wait and get a Challenger provided the Challenger hold close to its concept car design. I think it looks just as cool to me.
  13. I just contacted my local Ford dealer and talked with the salesman we just bought an Escape Hybrid from. He said they're not taking any deposits or any orders for Shelby Mustangs. They will simply sell them to the highest bidder as each one comes in. So forget picking colors and options, at least for now. He took my name down, but I guess I would need to contact every dealer in this area to have a better selection of colors, etc. Doesn't seem worth the hassle, since ultra-rich guys will probably drive the prices to stratospheric levels. Looks like me and my dollars are likely headed to Chrysler and the SRT8models.
  14. I posted this in NOVEMBER!!! The FORD DEALERS are ENCOURAGED to sell the GT 500 SHELBY'S by way of a LIVE AUCTION at the DEALERSHIPS!!! Certain MEMBERS of these FORUMS tell ME I'am WRONG!!!! I KNOW this to be a FACT!!! Wait a year and get one for MSRP....These cars wil not hold there value.....SIMPLY too many PRODUCED!!!!! :chair:
  15. how can one dealership have 25 people puttin down when they know all theyre gettin is 1 or 2 shelbys???
    Are these money downs non-refundable?
    Also for those blaming Ford because of shelby's high prices. Its not Fords fault,, its those who are willing to pay high cash for this car that ruin the markets for average joes
    Also in respond to mark95, Ford has never encouraged any dealer to sell the Shelby thtough a live auction,,, I work at a Ford dealership and Ford has not mentioned anything about a live auction. They havent even released actual info and order app's!
  16. With the odd exception, people don't pay over MSRP because they think the car will appreciate in value, they are willing to pay extra because they want one sooner rather than later. It has nothing to do with economics, it's about the excitement of driving the car NOW! The initial demand for this car will be incredible! Auctions?,you bet...enouraged by Ford or not, it doesn't matter, there will be a frenzy for the first 12 months. No doubt the longer you wait, the better the price. Mustang loyalists will wait their turn while Ford attracts lots of interest from those who typically would not look for a Ford product. This is after all...exactly what Ford needs. It needs to lure non-typical Ford buyers into the show room before everyone thinks Toyota is the only one who can build a decent automobile.
  17. I'll bet most dealers with 25 or more orders are not asking for any money down once they get past the first couple of orders. The more people on the list the better, expecially if they go the auction route. That's what my dealer did on his first Ford GT. Even though I was one of the first couple on his list, the car was at 265K by the time he called me. Needless to say, I passed on the offer to bid. Nothing is worth that much money in my opinion. As a matter of fact, the price was so ridiculous that my initial enthusiasm for the car declined significantly, so much so that I decided to pass even when last month they offered me a new GT at list (white with blue stripes, my fav color).
  18. It amazes ME every time someone works at a FORD DEALERSHIP and says THEY have not heard SOMETHING about a certain VEHICLE. If YOU are not the OWNER of the DEALERSHIP YOU DON't KNOW A G DAMN thing about what's going on!!!! My neighbor makes a seven figure SALARY ( 1,000,000.00 ) I made it easy on you guys that work at a dealership to figure out!!! He has three vehicles in front of his house with MANUFACTURES plates on them from DETROIT and we live in CALIFORNIA!!!! RELEASE DATE 666 -- JUNE 6, 2006 for $45,000.00........Dealers are ENCOURAGED to have a " LIVE AUCTION " at their dealerships to sell these cars!!!! The SALESMAN is the last to KNOW!!!
  19. RISINGFORCE---Dealers in CALIFORNIA already know how many SHELBYS they are getting!!!! Some have already PRE-SOLD the cars they are getting!!! Call RANCHO SANTA MARGARITA FORD -- All 5 cars PRE-SOLD!!!! 1-949-459-6800....I can make a longer list if you WISH!!!!!
  20. The idea is to create hype and buzz, so people go to a Ford dealership and buy something. It doesn't matter whether it's a GT-500 or an Expedition, just as long as the GT-500 gets more people into the dealers who buy someting that says "Ford" on it.