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  1. I think the Halo effect is more than just showroom effect, since I also find it hard to beleive the GT500 buyer is going to settle for a minivan or expy in stead of the GT500. However I can see some marketing benifit more from all the press the Shelby car is getting, with countless magazine covers, newspaper stories ect,ect,ect. If you were to count the number of time the Ford name has been mentioned in the free press in the last two years in reguards to this car, its got to be worth a tremendouse amount of advertising dollars. In a way I hope Y2k is correct in that ford would have a problem selling 10,000 copy's of the GT500, that way it would be allot easier for me to get one around sticker price, however I just dobt Ford has any problem selling them. I would bet if the Shelby were like the v6 or the GT and you could order as many as you wanted then I would pin the demand for the car around 25000 units per year or 10% of production. 10,000 seems to me to still be a small enough number of cars that it still going to take over sticker to get one bought even at 6 month to a year from now.
  2. I find it interesting that the ebay ad states the dealer is being allocated 4 when ford hasn't announced allocations yet.
  3. The GT-500 is a reward for Ford loyalists.

    Ford has said they will build 10,000 GT-500s / year. That means there will be enough to go around. You just have to have patience. Yes the first 3,000 GT-500s will sell at ridiculous markups, but after the scalpers bleed the "idiots" market dry, prices will drop back to reality. Believe it or not, as I said before, the market for $40K toy cars is just not that big.

    Example #1 the First Terminator Cobras sold >$5K - $10K over sticker. By the time production ended Ford was giving big rebates to clear out the last Terminators and you could buy one way below sticker.

    Example #2 the first Mach 1's sold for $5K over sticker. By the time Mach 1 production ended you could get them for $4K below sticker.

    Example #3 the first Ford GTs sold for $100K over sticker. As of today the going price is around sticker. A year from now there will still be Ford GT's sitting on dealer lots and the going price will be below sticker.
  4. Let me clarify...I think they would have a hard time seliing 7000 to 10000 units at a large premium (5K-20K) over MSRP. If MSRP is in the low to mid $40's, it will likely sell well at that price. What they need to do is make as many as are demanded and produce them at a rate that will give dealers the ability to stock 4-6 at a time.

    Or better yet, allow customers to pre-order them at MSRP (like they did with the release of the Mazda RX-8) so those that want one can get one and Ford and their dealers make their money. Some dealer sales people / management might say "why should I be limited to selling them for MSRP when I can make a killing selling them for 5 or 10K over?" My response would be, would you rather get allocated 3-5 vehicles (large high volume dealers) for the entire year and sell them for $10K over MSRP or do pre-order/order based sales and sell 3-5 cars every few weeks at MSRP? ;)
  5. did anyone in here go for the powerlease program back in '04, where you bought a terminator, and in turn got priority for the '07??? maybe these people will be gettin some details soon
  6. I'm #1 on the list at my dealer and they just came up with their AMA. When I asked for any updates on production numbers, MSRP etc., here is the response:

    "No info yet, sorry I have not heard or seen anything from Ford and I check it daily. As far as price the owner has set it firm at $10,000.00 above sticker no more no less I don’t know how much sticker is going to be yet. I wish I had more info on this but when it comes you will be the first to know. As time gets closer I am going to be needing a security deposit, but I will let you know."

    Ouch! I don't know if I can do it or not. That works out to about 52,000 - 55,000 before tax, title and license!
  7. While I do think that would be great to stock a few for customers to choose from, it can't quite work out like that becauase as soon as they're built and released they're going to be on their way to the dealer. The manufacturer books profits because at this point it has been sold to the dealer. The production cabalities couldn't make this way work unless only a certain region of dealers got them first, weeks or months before the others which would cause another set of problems.
  8. tires

    I work for the GY plant that's making the tires for the shelby mustang.We have sent several pilot sets to Ford. Some for media testing and some for Suspension tuning. They are not far away from partial and full production. We are also sending Ford the same 18'' tires for the Fairlane , yes the Fairlane. I don't know much about it yet but I will be asking questions. I agree with most of you guys who want a 2007 shelby as I want one. I am on top of the list at my local dealership but they seem to be acting like it's going to be going to the highest bidder. I told them that I had bought new Fords from their dealership since 1972. But If they try to sell me a shelby for over the sticker price I would drive down to the Dodge house and by a charger.(i wouldn't really buy one of those ugly four door p.o.s.'s) but it made me feel better. I may never get a new shelby , I may never buy a Ford product again either. later