ProChamber vs X-Pipe vs H-Pipe

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  1. I know I want the MAC L/T headers. But that's all I know. :bang: I have heard the the ProChamber makes more power than the X and H, and X makes more than the H. But since they're all off road, I don't think it makes too much of a difference. I'm getting into sound now. I have been going back and forth with my exhaust set-up but just can't make up my mind. I love the sound of shorties, h-pipe and 2-chambered flows, it came on my old mustang. A friend has shorties with bassani x and 2 chambered flows, and I don't really like it. The prochamber also sounds nice with shorties but since I'm getting L/T now, I really don't know what to expect. I have heard that the the L/T quiet the exhaust down, but how much? :shrug: Too much :notnice: ???? I don't know, I just want my exhaust to sound like the one I had on my other car but with the L/T. Is the sound of a prochamber similar to that of an o/r h, or is it a completely different sound? I like the deep throaty sound but don't like it when cars sound as if the pipes are clogged. I'm not sure if any of you have systems like that but I have, very sucky. Is sacrificing hp really worth sacrificing sound and vice versa? Any sound clips are very welcomed.

    Could someone fill in the blanks?

    MAC L/T Header
    ________ Mid Pipe :bang:
    ________ Mufflers :shrug:
  2. I have friend that has l/t's, prochamber and slp loudmouth cat back. One of the loudest steet cars i've heard in a while, when I raced him I had my window down, big mistake, he had a hood on me, my ear where ringing after that race.
  3. I have bbks shorty e/l mac h pipe and flow 2 chamber and damn its loud :nice: . I heards l/t are quit at idle and scream at WOT tho. I kinda wish I went with the pro chamber. from what I have heard they do make more than h & x and sound pretty loud. I vote for the pro chamber :D
  4. A Prochamber is by far the best sounding, performing and fitting midpipe on the market. It's much quieter than an O/R H or X. Who buys an exhaust set up based on sound anyway? It's all about horsepower in my book, and thats why the Prochamber gets my vote.

  5. LT's are a bit quieter but only at idle. I have the entire MAC system and it fits and sounds great. The loudest exhaust I've ever heard was Bassani EQ headers, Bassani X and Bassani strip muffs.
  6. LT/prochamber/MAC catback with stock heads and cam is pretty quite. Alot quiter than a shorty/h/MAC catback setup. It's not that it's quite, it's just alot quiter than the other setup. I really don't want loud and annoying anyway. I think with some bigger heads and cam it should sound different...:D

  7. prochamber and mac catback
  8. LT,prochamber and bassani catback.
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  9. K, next question, where to buy the pro-chamber? I've got a place here that will price match and that will save me money on shipping, obviously.

  10. pro-chamber is the best.
  11. Another vote for the pro-chamber i have it on my 95 in my sig and also the 88lx in my sig and i had it on my 89GT before and also had it on my first mustang a 92GT. I wouldn't have anything else. The 95 and 92 had shorties & the 89 and 88 have longtubes and the sound is amazing. I have L/T, pro-chamber, and 1 chamber flows on the 88 and WICKED is the word that descibes it.
  12. If you want to hear different exhaust set ups go to They have a bunch of different wav files of exhaust setups. That website helped me out alot when I picked out my exhaust, because for me, I'd rather have an exhaust note I like then a couple horsepower.

  13. :cheers:
  14. I had a Mac X on my last car and now I have a Prochamber, both with Flowmaster catbacks. The Prochamber is way quieter in my opinion. Its fairly loud at lower RPMs but that X was LOUD when you got on it. I wish I had gotten another X pipe. :(
  15. well i'm runnin the pro-chamber with the 2 chamber flows and it screams when you get on it. It's LOUD
  16. drinkinamustang, I know what you mean, a friend of mine had an exhaust extremely loud that when we were driving next to each other, I couldn't hear my car. Now that's too freakin loud for me. I know that sound isn't everything you look for in an exhaust set-up, but you just can't rule that out. It is important, remember, you'll have to put up with whatever sound you get.
    :D thanks for all the replies. the cheapest i had seen the prochamber were for $269, guess now I'll get it for $222. :hail2: I guess then that my set up will be MAC L/T, MAC ProChamber, and the MAC FlowPath. I heard that the flowpath is equivalent to 3 chambered flows. I've only heard the 2 chambered ones but the drone is too much for me. Do ya'll know if the flowpath drone as bad as the flowmaster. And if they do, how would borla mufflers sound on this set-up? :shrug: thanx again guys.
  17. Mac flowpaths are actually louder than 2 chamber flows. I have the ordinary 2 chamber flows with an O/R h-pipe and I'm starting to get tired of the sound and its not quite loud enough for me. Everybody has their own tastes. I've heard the setup you're getting in person and its a very good sounding exhaust, just not quite loud enough for me. Obnoxious is fun :). I think I may try Vib's suggestion and go with Bassani X and muffs. Who sells bassani muffs seperately from the catback?