Progress pics of my light titanium notch

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  1. Yea man you gotta go 5 lug. Proper brakes dont come in 4 lug. Dont get baer pbr (cobra brakes)...there overpriced. If you plan on open tracking (road racing/track days) which I bet you will otherwise you wouldent have gotten the max. grip box, I would suggest you stay away from the cobra pbr stuff all together. I like the Baer GT kit because of the 1.25in. rotors (I've had my share of cracked rotors w/ the stock type 1.1in. rotors). Or you can go the route of the 2000 cobra r brembo calipers but you still have the thin rotors. But you have the ability to quick change brake pads which is nice. Or you can go stop tech and have quick pad changability and a 1.25in thick rotor but then were in the $2000 range for brakes.:p
  2. Oh, BTW the car is looking sweet.:nice:

    Those longtube flanges are pretty low tho...I would worry about snagging them on something.:nonono:
  3. I'm plannin on putting the Max grip kit on my car. 88 Hatch after i get the 331 short block put together.

    Your suspension/handling mods are sexy. Except for the 4 lug. But the car looks amazing.:hail2:
  4. Thanks for the compliments guys, and yeah, the brakes are next on my list of mods to come to the car, along with a built rear end and wheels/tires. I intend on buying all that stuff at once so that'll be a pretty large puchase. Maybe in July/August I'll have that stuff.

    The car handles AMAZINGLY btw. It's incredibly easy to control when the rear end begins to slide...Definately doesn't feel like a fox body any more. The only complaint I have so far about it is that the steering is over sensitive at high speed.

    I also had the car at the track this past Friday. I had some serious traction issues with the stiff suspension and very crappy tires. They're 225/60/15 hockey pucks basicly. I was spinning until around 130km/h. I managed to get a [email protected] out of it, LOL. Anyway, the car still hasn't been tuned on the dyno, so after that and with a set of slicks on the back, I'm hoping for high 11's @120mph out of it.
  5. Well...heres a small update on the car's pics, just a short video of my last time out at the track in the middle of May.

    I haven't been able to get the car tuned yet, which is why I haven't been back to the track with it yet, but I'm hopin it hits the rollers next week. I'll also have a set of ET drags on the car....hopin not to break a stock axle with them or something, haha.

    Anyway, here's the video. I mentioned my best time of the night earlier...13.7. This was my second run of the night (after my 13.7) and I got even worse traction...approx 2.45 60' and i was pedalling the gas until around 130.
  6. Give me your car...
  7. hey quick question.. i just got the mm package (panbar and torque) did you have any problems running her exhurst pipes out back??
  8. Nice setup all the way around.
  9. What are the chances of there being some sort of custom fabricated sheetmetal cowl to cover the intake? What I mean is... is that something that's in the works or do you plan to leave the hood as it appears above?

    Project looks great! Keep us updated. :nice:
  10. LOL 14.0 @ 119. we should race
  11. Well, I plan on running the car like that for this season. Over the winter I intend on buying those motor mounts that lower the engine 3/4" and installing the motor mounts in the 1" rearwards slots in my MM K-member. Not only should that help me fit a 2.5-3" cowl over my engine, but it will also help my weight distribution and center of gravity, thereby making my car handle even better :D Only thing I'm worried about with that is getting my driveshaft shortened 1"

    As for the guy asking about tail pipe clearance....There no hope in HELL of getting tail pipes through all the **** back there, unless of course you don't mind going with 1" exhaust pipe or something :D I'm running dumps on my car, and thats pretty near the only way you can go. The handling is amazing however. The car is incredibly predictable. You can really feel how much grip the car has left in it, and when it DOES run out, it's quite easy to control the car during a slide. The handling more than makes up for the extra noise.
  12. yeah....that stock hood is going to clear LOL HAHAHA
  13. Not remotely true. I also have the MM coilovers, panhard and HD torque arm. I was lazy when I installed it, and hacked off the tail pipes with a sawzall so I could get it on the road. However, when it came time to run the car through emissions they wouldn't touch it. I had NO TROUBLE AT ALL running 2.5" tail pipes out the back right where they belong, and it only took a half hour tops of farting around with hangers and the gas tank flange to get them to not rattle on anything.

    Now that I've come in here with my worst foot forward, let me attempt to repair the mood by complimenting you on your awesome project, extremely lucky find and good wishes that your hard work will continue to pay off as you hope. :nice:
  14. Well I honestly can't see any way to get 3" pipe through my suspension. If I put a fuel cell in the car it would be no problem, but I just can't see a way to get it through there as is.

    How do you like your MM rear suspension btw?
  15. Yeah... I know I could get a 3" in there, but I doubt I could keep it from rattling on something. Before I swap the TA over to my Cobra I'm going to get a Spintech side exhaust to eliminate the whole issue. I really didn't care for running dumps on the street. As for the suspension though- I LOVE it. I drove on it every day for over three years (sun, rain and snow) and the novelty has just never worn off. Every time I take an exit ramp in one of my other stangs I miss it. I never even got the K-member, and it still blew my mind. (waiting for the MM SLA to come out) The main thing I miss is the panhard though; as great as the TA and coilovers were, I think I could be happy with my stock Cobra suspension if I just put the panhard in. I just haven't gotten around to it yet...
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  17. Any new updates?
  18. Nothing major to report yet. I'll be FINALLY getting it tuned on wednesday. Other than that, I'll be doing LOTS of upgrades over the winter.

    -It wil be getting big brakes all around
    -cowl hood-
    -full paint job
    -upgrading the 8.8 with a locker, 31 spline axles and c clip eliminators
    -engine moved towards back of the car 1" to further improve weight distribution which may require some "modification" to the fire wall and will definately require a shorter driveshaft
    -Getting rid of my spec stage 3 clutch and getting a Mcleod clutch/scattershield combo
    -depending on the dyno numbers I get on Wednesday, I MAY port the heads further over the winter. My goal is 120mph n/a...
    -I'll also be putting a nitrous kit on. Probly start with a 150 shot and try and work my way up to a 250 if I can.
    -Fuel system will be upgraded a bit to go with the nitrous kit. Basicly I'll be getting rid of the 255lph in tank pump and replacing it with dual inline 255lph pumps, and I'll be replacing the rubber fuel line in my engine bay with braided stainless line
    -Will be switching to MEGASQUIRT as well as getting rid of the distributor and retro fitting an EDIS set up off a 4.6.

    Any how...won't be doing much more to the car this year until it gets parked. Basicly I'm just gonna get it tuned and then borrow a buddies 28x10.5 slicks and see what the car can do at the track with some traction. Hopin to see some low 12's from it this year if all goes well.
  19. :hail2: Nice,Nice, Looks expensive...