Project "take out 302, put in 306" PICTURES

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  1. With my car being lowered (eibach sportlines) am i going to have trouble with my 7 qt oil pan hitting everything i come across??

    could this be part of my HG blowing problem?

    what fuel pressure should i be running?? what pressure does the stock FPR run?

    thanks guys

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  2. 39psi is stock FP (vac. line un-hooked at idle). If your running a charger dont you have an FMU or Tune/tuner. The stock FPR will not handle boost by itself unless the eec has been given the correct fuel changes to make up for it, and even then I think you may need a adj. FPR. (I am not a boosted guy so I dont know what is needed but stock stuff prob. is not ideal)
  3. Not sure what you shouldbe running, but stock fuel pressure is 30psi at idle, and 38-40 under load (or with the vacuum line off). I really can't even guess what fuel pressure you need though. :shrug: I'm not familiar with S/C setups.

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  4. the car has been tuned, by lidio at alternative auto performance up by detroit MI but that was done almost a year ago.....
    i have a A/F ratio gauge and it has NEVER been in the ideal range....ALWAYS lean :shrug: i know its not accurate but you would think the gauge would go in to the ideal range under some load or at least at SOME point....
  5. This is what it looks like now... im waiting on my oil pan and i still need to plastigauge






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  6. If its the autometer A/F guage then its preaty much useless. They are not accurate at all and more of a light show.

  7. If it hangs lower than the Crossmember, then yes, this is a concern.....
  8. I like seeing assembled engines out of the car!! :nice:
  9. Me too, because there is very little of that visible once it's all together...
  10. trim that timing cover gasket
  11. looks awsome! Cant wait to see the finished product! What kinda numbers do you think you will be putting out with the new short block? You upping the boost?
  12. thats a good question... i think im going to keep the boost the same, hook up my meth. inj kit get that fuel pressure fixed and see what happens.... i was at 423rwhp before the 306, cam, meth. inj. and flowmasters so i dont know :shrug: maybe 450-475??? not sure
  13. The next question at hand is what do i do about this?!?!?!


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  14. simple green and hose it down
  15. First I would remove that ratchet from the battery in case it gets moved and grounds itself out. I would dilute some simple green then with a parts brush clean up the grime. *note* if you do hose it down cover the h pipe inlets so h2o doesn't contaminate/ruin the o2 sensors and your msd**
  16. Looking good man :nice:
  17. A pressure washer does wonders.
  18. sweet action consider it clean! well not yet i need to actually do it but i will tonight or probably tomorrow

    should i paint it too?
  19. If you want to spend the time too wrap everything up then sure why not.
  20. oh i dont think it would take that incredibly long... in order to hide the wires, is there cutting and splicing involved? or are alot of them long enough to re-route?