Rebuild A4LD Install

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  1. Tomorow if the weather is decent I'm going to finally attempt to install the Rebuilt A4LD transmission that I got out of my donar TurboCoupe. First, Will everything from the TC bolt up to my N/A 2.3L Mustang? Any tips or advice you guys could give me would be great, I've never swapped an automatic before. BTW, The rebuilt trans has about 25K on it. Should I pick up a filter and mod for it as well?
  2. Process (never played with an a4ld specificly) , your gonna hafta undo the tranny linesmaybe remove the dipstick tube, unbolt the starter/bell housing drop the drive shaft (use a tranny tail shaft plug if you have it, if not leave the driveshaft in the tail of the tranny...or it gets messy fast). Undo the speedo gear deal(and any other electric do dads)...not sure about the console shifter, never took that apart before. Just remember auto's are pretty heavy, especially in the front (due to the torque converter being filld with fluid). Besides is overly large size, i believe its alot like doing a t5 . Good sure we have some smart veterans in here to give you more specific tips! :)

    PS: Praying over your tranny and perhaps fasting ...afterall its an a4ld!
  3. A4LD install

    Pretty straightforward swap. Be sure that you get the linkage adjusted can make it shift funny for some reason. Make sure the converter
    is properly seated, unless you like destroying trannys. If the converter turns and sounds like it is hitting in the back before you install it, don't
    panic, it will pull out enough to clear when you tighten the converter bolts.
    You didn't specify if they are the same or different year models. Since it is a
    Turbo Coupe tranny I can assume that it is before 1991 and has a single solenoid valve body. After 91 A4LDs have an electronic converter clutch lockup (dual solenoids). Just check the plug on the drivers side to see if they both have the same number of connections.
    This is the front connection..the other is for backup lights and neutral switch.
    Most likely 2 wires......3 for the dual solenoid models. Remove the dipstick tube before you drop the tranny
    but after you have removed the bellhousing bolts...Makes a horrible racket
    and may bend it if you don't. make sure you reconnect the ground wire
    when you reinstall (upper drivers side bellhousing bolt) and the vacuum line clip (upper bellhousing passenger side).
    Line up your converter bolts when you get it close, not after you have it VERY close.
    These are the things that I screwed up doing my install...hope it helps!
    Bruce (TX)
    P.S. Tranny jack is a wonderful thing and don't hit stuff with you bare hand..
    stuff is sharp under there...hard too!
  4. Started doing the swap today, took the driveshaft off, crossmember, and all but one bolt on the transmission/motor. the one where the trans dip stick is bolted to.

    The car is a '93 Mustang 2.3 and the Trans came out of an '87 Thunderbird turbocoupe, but It was rebuilt by the prevous owner so I don't know if this is the trans that originally came out of the TC.

    I'm going to use the TC's Converter and Flex Plate, with my '93's 'high torque' starter.
  5. Old transmission is out. Getting ready to take the TC and flexplate off.

    How do I properlly 'seat' the TC?
  6. I'm going to reuse the N/A TC and FP. I got a problem though, The shifter leaver on the TC is differnt than the mustang. the TC's hangs near the pan and the mustang is above along with the kick down leaver...I guess im going to have to rig something up beacuse in order to switch the two it looks like i have to take the pan off and start tearing stuff out.
  7. if i rember correctallly on the shifter ull need to pul the pan and unbolt the lever turn it ove and bolt it back on they are the same lever just installed in opposite directions
    also the trans will have diffrent plugs for the wiring ull need to cut both plugs off and install the 2 plug end on the car since the 93 has a 3 plug just connect the matching color wites and leave the other one loose should be orange and red that ull use i just went through the opposite thing yesterday 92 trans in 88 car good luck :D
  8. How hard is it to get that shifter mech. out of the trans? It looks impossible beacuse theres no room. there seems to be another bolt on the opposite side of the shaft inside of the trans but theres like no room to grab that. Or am I looking at this all wrong?

    The connectors looked the same, But maybe I'll take a closer look. I know the exhaust mount/hangers are different, and the TC trans has some kinda brace or bracket on the very end of the trans with a bushing.

    Also, is it a real bad idea to re-use the mustangs Torque Converter? If I did and it turned out bad I'd know right away and wouldent do much damage to the trans right?

    Last night I had a dream that I installed the trans today and I drove it around for awhile and it was perfect, then I was wondering why It was screaming and getting hot, yup, forgot to add oil. So I better make sure, maybe god is warning my stuipd self ;)
  9. This is rediculous, this stuipd shifter leaver is the only thing holding me back from installing this trans, I'd put the trans in but I wouldent be able to reach or mess around with the linkage once its in. I'm just so fed up right now I wanna put the tran's in the trunk and push this car down a hill. Its so bad I'm acctually thinking about T5'ing it. I NEED HELP!!!

    BTW, I checked the connectors on the transmissions, their the same, 3 connections.
  10. Screw this, I'm going T5. I guess I'll start the pedal assembly tomorow since thats all I have so far :(

    Does anyone want 2 A4LDs? Or trade for a complete T5?
  11. I feel your pain!!

    That lever can be a sumbi^@#!
    After you get the kickdown lever off, you gotta remove a little pin that
    is in the pan gasket area at the pivot point. Then you have to snake a
    7/8 wrench down on the inside over the inner kickdown lever. Then you can pull it out and flip it. I did need to drop the valve body to get to the inside nut. I am doing a rebuild for the first time. I wanted to see if I could.
    I'm actually hoping that the 2nd time is the charm for me. I got in a hurry near the end and let a thrust washer slip AND my reverse band rotated on me
    and wasn't engaging. Hardest part was the slightly bent separator plate that would NOT stay put while I tried to stab the tranny. If I don't get it this time I am doing the T-5 deal myself.
    Bruce (TX)
  12. I gave up and re-installed the old A4LD. Its fine 1st - 2nd but slips pretty bad from times into 3rd, and does not shift into OD anymore.

    On installation I did not change filter or modulator. I also reused as much 'old oil' as I could. I tryed to avoid doing a complete fluid change beacuse they say trans go downhill after having fluid looking the way it did. Its got a lil more power than it did before, and it dosn't hit as hard when putting it into gear. On the bad side It puts itself into Nuetral sometimes while driving :( I also added alot of some Slick 50 Trans additive to help it out a bit.

    I pray to god everynight that this trans lasts me untill I find a new job and start getting the flow of money so I can replace the turbo on my '88LX and start driving that again.