1. Was wondering, I am sure you have all heard the expression "A persons pet represents/resembles it's owner."

    Do you agree or not?? Why?

    So in what way does your ride represent/resemble you? :shrug:

    What is your ride and what is your pet???

    Just trying to get to know everyone without having to look up everyones profile! :hail2:
  2. I've heard it before, but mostly about cars...

    And I would have to agree, my car best represents me... Dead Sexy.

    Pets I can understand too...
    i miss my lil dog ;(
    we had to put him down.

    I do agree with the car representation, only with those who care about their cars, because some people don't care about automobiles, so i wouldn't classify them under the same category.
  3. My car represents me because it's slow to start, but when i get going i'm pretty quick, but if I give'r too much I run out of gas pretty easily, I'm pretty on the inside but really need a lot of work all around...and my penis is big.

    My cat doesn't represent me, it takes it from behind from bunny rabbits. Leave all jokes out of this one...Caldwell...
  4. I dont have a pet, but my car is yellow so that means i'm gay (j/k i know you have a yellow mach)
  5. I'm the only asian I know that owns a Mustang. Other asians need to stop with their "I can drop a B16 into my civic and make it fast." I need to **** slap all of them.

  6. you're my asian hero. i $hit you not, EVERY asian/pacific islander i see around here (not too many) is either in a honda, toyota, or nissan (or their affiliate makes). it's like they feel obligated to drive an import. (there was this really hot asian girl at my university, though, that drove a nice toyota solara...)
  7. haha thanks mayn. I actually like being the only asian driving a Mustang up where I live, I feel like an endangered species.
  8. My car is different them any other and stands out just like me. Just the way I like it don't wanna be like everybody else
  9. My car's lack of mods represents my down to earth grasp on what I can truely afford. How about that one

    I can't say my pets represent me much. We have two kittens which would probably kill any tough guy kind of image. What I really want is a Rhodesian Ridgeback. That would be the dog to represent me.

  10. well said
  11. Thats weird you said that, I'm getting that car in about a week. I'll post pictures when I get him! :nice:
  12. im a neat freak and u can tell by my car cuz its always clean. (unless it rains for a week straight.) as for my pets i have 2 rotties and a ball python...... :D

  13. :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    i think you've said enough yourself
  14. Arghh....now that i read it...yeah.....ok, floor is open to jokes now
  15. aaron are you sure? You sure do like posting that pic does it make you happy in your pants :rlaugh:
  16. hahahahaha

    I'm giggling like a little school girl...:lol:
  17. for some reason my last post didn't work...

    i was laughing hysterically, giggling like a little schoolgirl...

    it was funnier the first time

    Edit: Oh look, now it shows up....grrrrr :nonono:
  18. ha ha i was gonna ask you if it makes you giggle like a little school girl but decided not to DAMN
  19. 1. JR is my asian hero.

    2. I mostly resemble my car because we are both sexy stallions.

    3. I DO NOT resemble my ferret. She constantly runs into walls and acts retarded. I only do that when I'm drunk.