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  1. Sounds like its getting there. Have any pics?

    not sure why so many people knock the system.It works and for what it cost, it really wasnt much more then my carb/fuel pump sitting on a shelf.I would have no problem buying another one for my next project.
  2. here's one but doesnt really look any different than before.

    i'm a little worried about my gas tank though. With the sump I never had issues before picking up fuel to keep 7psi but now trying to keep it at 45 is a whole different story.
    I was on an incline and the car shut off cause I had 6 gallons in it and all the fuel went to the front of the tank. I'm thinking I may need to add a t fitting and also use my drain as a secondary pick point for the gas to be drawn to the pump. I would hate to stop quickly or be on a hill like this and not be able to start my car.

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  3. There's also the option of using a surge tank.
  4. Intake Manifolds?

    iskwezm and 12sec67, what intake manifolds are you two using with the Powerjection III?

    Depending on what I may afford, this system does not cost much more than a carb set up.
  5. i'm running a Professional Products, Hurricane Intake. I had to hand port it since the ports were small and had lots of burs in the intake... its definetly not as good as edelbrock or holley intakes as far as quality out of the box ready for installation
  6. i have a ported vic jr.