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  1. holley also has their new avenger EFI system that is slef learning as well and i believe it will also run the ignition system too which, AFAIK, it's the only self learning system that will do that. i could be wrong about the ignition part but i'm fairly certain i read that about that system.
  2. i just double checked holley's website and this is what it said about the avenger EFI system and this is a direct quote from the holley site....

  3. The Retrotek also has the ability to control timing with their new distributor.I saw their tech at the local races last night and theres a few more things they are coming out with.
  4. But based on the speed and service I've seen from Retrotek in this thread I wouldn't expect them to ship you one any time in the next 2 years =P
  5. How do you figure that? I went to the company and could've picked up my kit that day? Because a few people had some probelms at the start of a new company doesnt mean everybody had that experience.Im sure as with everything, forums are place to **** and condemn for the few with those experiences. I have had bad experiences also with other companies. I will support any company until they do me wrong......LIKE FORD PERFORMACE SOULUTIONS IN ANAHEIM, CA.I WILL NEVER SUPPORT THEM OR RECOMMEND THEM.

    I need to take my PCM and swap to Retrotek anD swap for the newer PCM AND IT WONT TAKE 2 YEARS.
  6. Lets wait and see how quickly they are able to ship their new products now that they have been in business for a while. I was mainly trying to make a joke at their expense.... hence the =P
  7. Mario, did you talk to them about the MAP sensor yet ?
  8. i saw Cody(their head tech) last night at the races and they were there tuning a car. The dyno tuner from W.O.T was also there and he says he tunes blown cars up to 15 psi with the 2 bar map sensor and doesnt have a problem.

  9. ok, that's a new feature apparently but i don't think the FAST EZ-EFI system has that ability yet either. i personally have always wanted one of the holley projection systems or a BG VFI system or better yet a BG VFI throttle body with one of the holley commander 950 computers for a relatively low buck system that is probably the equal to or even better than port EFI with all the benefits of both carb and efi together and few to none of the drawbacks of either........just my .02
  10. the powerjection 1 systems had the programmable ignition feature as well as the returnless fuel controller. I have yet to put mine on yet.
  11. Has anyone gotten their RetroTek Projection 1 system up and running? I am pulling the plug on mine and putting a Holley Double Pumper on this weekend. I have had this system on my car for 2 years now and have never been satisfied with it's performance.

  12. What wasn't satisfactory about it?

    I don't plan on buying one, I'm just curious about how they work(or don't) and like the fact that look like a carb.
  13. Mines still on the shelf in my garage, I cant imagine if well tuned that it wouldnt beat a carb at least in throttle response and torque, are you using the ignition curve feature as well?
  14. im still satified with mine.I spent a little bit of time on their forum and fixed a few issues in a couple of minutes
  15. You have the PJ3 system correct?

    I have the PJ1 system. They no longer sell it or support it. Cody, the tech, that knew and helped with the system has moved on. I have tried the new Professional Products forum also, but they pretty much ignore the PJ1 systems. I can't find anyone on the internet that has a PJ1 system running satisfactorily. I'm on my 3rd computer and 2nd fuel pump (returnless system) and among other issues, I have a bad lean bog under acceleration at the track around 3,500. I'm too afraid I'm damaging my pistons or valves with this lean condition that I have not been able to correct.

    I plan on keeping the computer and wide band O2 sensor to help tune my Holley double pumper. I should still be able to read air/fuel%, vacuume, coolant temp, and RPM and I should still be able to Data Log my runs to help dial in the new carb.

  16. Yes i have the P3.I thought Cody frequents the PP forum alot(even though he doesnt have to).Luckily he's local to me:D and i can also reach him on facebook.Have you tried sending him a email?
  17. No, not at this point. I'm committed to the carb now. I will keep the Retrotek system and watch the forums. They are coming out with a new computer program for the PJ2 system and I am waiting to see if it is compatible with the PJ1 system.

    Let me know how your PJ3 works out.

  18. Have you ever thought about ditching the PJ1 system but keeping the TB unit and running a MS computer for the control side of things ?
  19. so far I have no complaints. I fixed a couple of issues last night in a couple of minutes after reading similiar issues on the forum.due to work and traffic i drive the car maybe once a month so i really dont get a chance to mess with the tune, but it hasnt left me stuck anywhere or embarrased me yet:nice:

    I honestly havent in the time to really learn the sytem.I put it on and drove it and made a few minor changes.thats about it.
  20. I took off a day this week from work to have some alone time and get my set up going... started and played with it in the driveway for a good 30 minutes then cruised around.

    Then I had some issues....
    I decided to mess with the settings and reload a program just to make sure i had the right one set up and ended up gettting stranded at the 7/11 near my house for a good 20-30 minutes. I ended up not selecting 6A box it the set up application and it would start. then once i figured it out and changed it to 6A i quickly head home running super rich A/F. As i had it idling I went back and changed the injector size to my upgraded 80lb ers and and the idle and A/F went perfect back to 13.1... (so my issues were my fault!) :nice:

    once I set everything up to the correct parameters for a boosted application I took it out to the freeway. Went on the on ramp and eased into the throttle and man was it smooth! no lean spots, A/F was 12.8 and as I came into boost i went 12.2 all the way up to almost 10psi.

    So far so good. I have the xcel spread sheet for up to 18psi that I will be loading up maybe this weekend and then I will go try it out again. I'm not going to 18 but will tune for it just incase I happen to hit it someday.