rumor? cnl lower intake for 2v

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by brian98gt, Nov 24, 2003.

  1. i heard a rumor that c&l is making a 2 valve lower intake out of aluminum. anyone else hear this or did i miss the post already. also if its true where can i read about it.
  2. it'd be sweet if the rumor was true. right now only fox lake makes one for ours and it's upwards of a grand but it's the whole intake i think.

    either way, intakes are pointless unless you've got some sort of forced induction or nitrous.
  3. i heard that cnl will be making a lower intake to go with there upper plenum and the cost will be around 5 or 6 hundred. if it gets you 10 more horse and some torque, i would buy it. alot cheaper than 1300.
  4. I have been trying to find out info on this too! I keep hearing people talking about it but no one can confirm wether it is true or not :shrug: I will get one if it comes out :nice:
  5. :shrug: The Fox Lake intake looks like it makes some extra power, so I wouldn't say pointless. Of course you can buy a nitrous system or other stuff for the $$$, but it's not like we're talking CAI's here. :nice:
  6. all i want is an aluminum lower intake that will not cost me an arm and a leg and might get me a couple extra horses. i alos want it for the looks. the plastic looks like crap
  7. That would be awesome if they did. I'd most certainly buy one if they produce good numbers. Also, if it didn't cost close to $1000.
  8. Buh? How do you figure?

    Heck...with a K&N FIPK-II I got 9rwHP on a stock car. I'm quite keen to see what could happen with slightly bigger (diameter) and slightly shorter runners in the intake itself. What were the claimed gains for the Fox Lake part again on a stock car...24HP or some such? That's not "pointless".

    If it weren't so bloody expensive I'd likely have it on my car now...
  9. Damn! You dyno test that?? I got a denscharger with a 80mm C&L and I probably got that but does the K&N come with a different maf?

    Oh and all the dynos of the new lower intakes show minimal gains over stock on cars with little or no mods.

    Like a few guys I know who did the bullitt intake swap and gained 7hp :notnice: sorry but I can find something better to spend $1300 on.


    it might be really good for us 96-98 guys.
  11. 5 - 10rwhp 500-600 bucks ill buy it :nice:
  12. You can't only look at the peak HP/TQ gains, you need to look at the entire gain and the area underneath the curves.
  13. I did. mid range and upper rpm power was slightly improved. low end was the same. We could barely tell a difference in the sotp also. who knows...mabey with a good set of cams and ported heads a new lower intake will show more promising gains. it's stil too early in the ballgame to pass judgements on something that's only rumored to be in development though.
  14. Someone said in another thread that they talk to the head of C&L and that it was in development and might be ready spring time next year.
  15. Aside fron HP gains, C&L needs to make it available at a reasonable price, as well as keeping it a simple bolt-on replacement. (Read: no fuel rail swapping)
  16. From what I hear it is gonna be priced between $400-$600. This is just rumor though
  17. Yes, it is true. I talked to them last week and they are going to make one, But did not say when they would be ready. I think it going to be sooner than people think becaues of the hipe of the other intakes coming out. And also I heard that the 96-00 have sold 4 to 1 more the 01-03 unppers :shrug:
  18. Could have something to do with people being wary of voiding their factory warranties. With valve guide issues/cylinder head replacements and whatnot under warranty, I can see people holding off on even modest bolt-ons to the engine itself till the warranty runs out...
  19. An aluminum intake for our 4.6's would be great at 400-600$...the price of the bullitt and fox lake intakes would then have to come down..