Run in with a 05 Stang GT

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  1. Maybe your friend sucks at driving. I have run a 13.0 at my local track in crappy weather and I really don't think that a stock 05 GT can even run close to those kinda numbers.

  2. They must work off the metric system in Houston. Or your mechanic is the Wizard of Oz.
  3. Not too hard for me to blieve, nice death and kill!! What more can ya ask for, V8 Stang vs V8 Stang.
  4. I don't think YOU can run close to those #'s.
  5. I smell poopie. Big steaming Babe the blue ox poopie.
  6. I'm at the top of the pecking order here.

    Alright folks,

    listen up here.

    as most Modular owners know, it's tough to get to 300 RWHP on a 4.6.
    and that's what you need to be running anywhere near 13 flat.

    As you can see from my signature, I have quite a few bolt ons,
    and My last dyno was 267RWHP and 312RWTQ.
    that was before the Accufab Plenum and Throttle Body.

    I've run 13.818 @ 101.80 At Cecil County (below sea level, moderate temp)
    I've run 13.706 @ 100.91 At Darlington Dragway(sea level+, hot humid temp)
    that was with street tires and 2.0x-2.1x 60 foots
    I have NEVER run drag radials, and with them I figure I could do almost 13 flat
  7. Actually I did all of the work except for the TQ Converter install and has been tuned by myself with a Tweecer and my Laptop.

  8. Aren't you the same guy that called BS in one of my other post and I scanned my timeslips for you?

    I already deleted the picture of the timeslip, but I will he happy to take another one.

  9. OK, I have to know an EXACT list of all the bolt ons and the tuning.
    "a few other small things" does that include a nitrous bottle and lines?

    automatics are SO MUCH SLOWER to begin with. like .5-.8 in the 1/4 mile
    did you have a built tranny, shift kit or shift point tuner / line pressure boost?

    You've gotta be putting down some serious power
    or at minimum using cheater slicks,

  10. Actually you don't need nowhere near 267 rwhp to break 12's you just have to have good tires, a good launch and know how to drive.

    I guess none of you have ever read this article...

    How to run 12's with nowhere near 300rwhp!!


  11. So where's the detailed list of "bolt ons"

    No need to hide anything from the Mustang Brotherhood.
  12. I agree. "a few other small things." Like what? mini rocket engine? micro-turbine? catapult?
  13. I already listed all of my mods other than that I have a few suspension mods and I use a Tweecer and my Laptop to tune my myself and that is it...NO NITROUS!!! And YES I am using BFG DRs.


  14. Yea your right, he sucks at driving, that really explains the reason why I can walk him in 2nd 3rd and 4th, a role at 20mph a role at 60mph, cause it takes alot of sill to go from a role ya know, wouldn't want him to break them loose in 3rd @ 80mph. Yep you guessed it congrats
  15. Didn't I already list my mods in this thread on the first page..I suggest you go read it.

  16. Well what does you car run?

  17. I suggest you give up. Those timeslips you posted could be from anyone, your times defy physics not to mention common sense.
  18. Or he could just be a good driver. Remember that Bob Cosby was into the 11's with his '99 Cobra and (at the time) 304 rwhp.

  19. So now we are comparing this dude to Bob Cosby?? Not to mention comparing auto GT's to Cobra's??
  20. I'm sorry I don't go different mustang forums posting times and timeslips that I don't have just so I can be cool with people I have never met. I yall don't want to believe me than do what ever you want. My car did run a 13.0 and what is someone suppose to to prove it. I offered to post my timeslips, but that still isn't good enough for anyone anymore. What else do you want me to do?