Roush Saleen AP Racing brakes don't fit the 8.5" Front =(

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  1. Hey guys, I just picked up the Saleen AP Racing brakeset and got them installed just to find out that the 94-97 Saleen Speedline 8.5" front wheels won't clear them =( What a fricken bummer. Do you guys know if the Saleen Brembo 13" Calipers that they currently sell will clear my front wheels? I know I remember seeing some 94-97 wheels with the Alcons, am I correct? Anyone wanna trade heh
  2. Not sure if this will help. The only cars that got the AP racing kit were then 99-up cars and not that many got them from what I understand. The Brembos will fit. They will stop just as well if you are just driving the car on the street. The AP racing kit is a track style brake set-up like the Alcons.
  3. Hello Guys,

    Sorry for my igorance, but can you tell me what the acronym AP stands for???Thanks,
  4. Here is their site, it is just a different manufacturer, (Brembo, Alcon, APracing,Baer)
  5. What 94-98 wheels do you really have? Do your wheels say Saleen and Speedline on them or do they simply say S A L E E N? The reason I'm asking is the early LeMans style should clear the AP set up. If your wheels say SALEEN in the logo writing they are the Chinese remake of the wheel with more "dish" appearance to the spokes. I don't believe they will clear those.
    Just curious why you went AP? wanted the S7 feel? The Brembo 13" will clear all three wheels, the magnesuim being the 3rd as well as the Alcons.
  6. Thanks for the awesome info Marcus, I actually have a full set of the "Saleen" only wheels but I also have 1 front spare that has the "Saleen" and "Speedline" on it which is currently on the car so I have 1 of each on the front right now =) I didn't notice they were different other than the center cap are different sizes. I will look more closely.

    As far as going with the AP's, I would have taken any of the three, I just happened to find them on ebay for a decent price and I do track my car also. I'm guessing I could add spacers to make it work but I don't think I want to do that. I may just pick up the brembo's from haney or just get the cobra r kit.
  7. The best thing you can do is call Haney and get the Brembo's.

    Oh yea, don't use spacers on front wheels especially on an occasional track car.
  8. Hey I know this is far fetched but do any of you guys know anyone with the saleen ap brakes?