Saleen pics are up!

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  1. The aftermarket designers have been rather dissappointing thus far. Except for the Ford Racing versions White with blue stripes and Yellow with black hood (side exhaust), I'm really not to fond of the others I've seen so far :shrug:
  2. I dunno, I like it a LOT.
  3. To each his own I suppose; perhaps I'm some kind of Mustang heretic but to me the Saleen and Roush packages pretty much destroy the otherwise clean, sleek lines of the '05. Simple is often better and I think the Saleen and Roush illustrate this!
  4. Delete the upper spoiler and go back to three element taillights and I'm there.
    Need more pics.
  5. So far I like the silver w/ white stripes the most out of the all of the 05s I've seen. The aftermarket kits are too busy for the conservative styling
  6. I like it alot :)
  7. Please check out later tonight for complete pictures and specs on the '05 Saleen
  8. I like the new rear end treatment, but I'd lose the spoiler. The car needs to be a bit cleaner, maybe take the vents of the hood and have cleaner side sills. The interior is nice, and overall, the stance is pretty damn good.

    I predict that the taillight treatment is going to be a popular appearance mod once they are available.
  9. I can't tell if i like it or not,i'll have to see the full pics. It's not as repulsive as the roush soooo i guess it's got that going for it.
    Check out those headrests!! It's 1985 all over again!!!!
  10. Of all the aftermarket versions I have seen this one looks the best but I am still not big on it. I'd like to see more pictures of it though, unlike that horrid Roush that I never want to see again! The grill of the Saleen looks a lot better and its hood has more character without being over the top. I'm not so sure about it's rear end though...
  11. 100 times better than the roush or steeda.

    I like a lot of this one minus the rear spoiler.
  12. Ill post the pics in this thread so people dont have to go back and forth.
  13. I like the fact that they moved the foglight out of the grill and put a smaller one in the fiberglass beside the headlight. It looks a bit cleaner this way imho.
  14. It's pretty daring, but..... I like it. That's more like it. It's over-the-top, but it works. The wheels look like a million bucks, the ride height, the relationship from fender lip to wheel, and the whole car looks trim and sharp-edged, not clunky and chunky like the Roush. I'd lose the spoiler completely, as what they did beneath it looks really nice, and I think I dig the rear end treatment. The whole thing is like "modern 69-70 Shelby". The ground effects are a tad busy, but not to bulky or low, so I predict we'll all warm up to it. Not perfect, a little gaudy (what Saleen isn't a "little gaudy"?), but it flat trounces the other attempts.
  15. I absolutely like the look of the car. I am some skeptical why they don't show us a full frontal look at the car. What are they trying to hide.

    So far I'd say Steeda is #1, Saleen #2, Rousch #9999999999
  16. I like it. Though the first
    thing I thought of was the
    Crossfire rims and exhaust.
    And the cuda-like butt.

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  17. its consistant with there other Mustangs in looks. I think they need to go in a new direction. :shrug: just my 2 cents
  18. just can't bring myself to like it, I still love the original design best.