Saleen pics are up!

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  1. better but I'm not in love. I like the plain jane GT so far...with stripes of course
  2. The little lights next to the grill is not a fog light, it is a marker light. So it does not have any fog lights.
  3. $38,000 for the S-281

    under $45,000 for the S-281-SC

    Is this a jump from the 99-04s? Either way, a bit over priced.
  4. Looks like a home-run without the spoiler, which looks like a friggin snow-drift. I love it the more I see it. And I love the taillamp treatment. Shelby took the 3-element Mustang taillights and tossed 'em aside in 1967, so why should Saleen stay married to them?? I think the rear end looks dead sharp if you lose the nostalgic addiction and judge it with an open mind.
  5. Is it just me or does this car look like it has both a spoiler AND a ducktail?

  6. Looks way bette than the riced out Roush :nice:
  7. Exactly, lose the upper spoiler and it really looks hot. Maybe somebody with photochop skills can oblige? Maybe the big double spoiler effect is for the Extreme, and the standard S281 just gets the duck?
  8. I agree, It would look awesome if they would just remove a few pounds of the plastic, that wing would look better on a 350Z not a Mustang and they need to stick with a more stang like rim those are a little to retro for a car like this. Other than that I thank it looks great :nice: .
  9. The only thing i don't like about the 05's is the rear end. This car has the rear of a lincoln towncar. I think it would look better with a more proportional rear, like this.

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  10. I like the Saleen without the wing on it. Just the little flare/fin with the extra brakelight.
  11. I think it looks freaken badass! :)
  12. I think the front end looks really good, including the hood and front bumper. The things I don't like are the lame a$$ wheels and the S7 look-alike rear end, including the bumper and taillights. Just doesn't look like my "dream car" Saleen, and overall is disappointing
  13. All the car needs is better wheels and a better stance and maybe a functional hood scoop if changes under the hood would call for it. Otherwise all this tacky add-on stuff looks like crap. Still, people do it to Civics and Porsches so why not Mustangs?
  14. i think it looks great....especially compared to the damn roush
  15. BINGO!!!!

    OMG you did it!! i was gonna say, someone should do a chop with about half of the rear cut off! Now just remove to second spoiler(leave the ducktail), and it will look BADASS!!
  16. Better stance? How could it be any better? The car is low and level. Perfect in my eyes. And the wheels look very up-market. Glad they didn't put some dorky ghetto chrome-jobs on it. But I can understand that the wheels might be polarizing. I for one love them, wouldn't change them a bit. Thank god there's no scoop. Saleen has historically gone for for twin air exit vnnts on their top-line hoods, like on the S-351, which is much more classy and functional. When you start trying to sell a car to people who are shelling out $40K-60K plus, those folks don't go for hood scoops, IMHO. I don't see the Town Car resemblance at all I'm afraid. But then again, there was somebody on here who tried to compare the new Mustang to a Chrysler.... I'm all about clean and crisp, but I never expect Saleen to go subtle. So being realistic and keeping in context, I think they hit it out of the park.
  17. Sorry, I meant all the original car needs is better wheels and a lower stance, so in that sense Saleen did good. But the rest... :nonono:
  18. Sorry, I would also have to agree I do not see the Lincoln Town Car at all..... :shrug: :shrug:

    I love the car and can't wait to see it at SEMA next week. :nice: