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  1. Well, here comes my $.02 on this topic...I don't like fact, I hate them. They're just so common place and people are apparently stupid by nature. All to often, if you insult someone or look at them wrong, they automatically want to bust off at you. I believe the reason is b/c people these days are too chicken$hit to take an a$$ kicking and therefore need to have an equalizer. It's the same reason we have lawsuits. This may seem deep, but it's 2:20 a.m. as I type this, so here goes anyway. I think that by having lawsuits we are just interfering with human nature. By confining someone's emotions within themselves, we are in a sense driving them to commit violent acts. (is that what I'm trying to say? :scratch: ). Basically, if it were as simple as if you disagree with someone, sock them one in the jaw, the world would be a better place. Instead, by not being allowed to express their inner rage, people are forced to contain it within themselves. Having guns all over the place only adds fuel to the fire b/c when the time comes for a disgruntled person to snap, they have a very dangerous weapon at their disposal and that's a dangerous situation for everyone. To each his own though, and yes, you have the consititutional right to bear arms...I just feel like the founding fathers put that right in the constitution so that you could defend yourself from grave danger, not to give you the right to put five slugs in the guy that just cut you off in five o clock traffic. That's my $.02. I'm going to bed. L8rz all.
  2. I'm in total agreeance with you mean03V6...but damn that is funny see my new favorite saying. :rlaugh: :lol:

    ok how come I can't get my sig to work.....anyways

    Mean03V6 Quote:Basically, if it were as simple as if you disagree with someone, sock them one in the jaw, the world would be a better place.
  3. :lol: the "Man with the Golden Gun"
  4. Yes, there are people who will "bust a cap" just for looking at them the wrong way. Which is why some of us choose to carry to defend ourselves like the founding fathers had in mind. Feel free to hate guns all you want. I'm sorry, but I just see it as ignorant. You can kill someone just as easy with a car, knife, and so on.
  5. I got my first gun when I was 14, a Remington 12g Shotgun.
  6. Live by the gun die by the gun.....

    ....also those that die by it and don't carry were shot by cowards.

    Brahma That is a kick ass gun no doubt, but I think The idea of you guys being allowed to bear arms is an out of date concept, eventually monkeys will evolve too! People in the states have been living under that law for so long it is a way of life I understand that, I guess tis hard to change our ways. Kinda like cars, one day resources will dry up and we will be forced to find alternate ways of transport, but for now it would be impossible to get the oil and gas companies to find another resource cause there is no money in it, We are destructive by nature and will eventually kill ourselves cause we know no different...still nice gun.
  7. I just carry because I am one of the few who has several hundred hours of training with it and my life depends on my gun......but that's just me. While working, I have the .40 cal Sig........when not working .45 cal 1911

    I love the 2nd amendment
  8. I think cops should carry them.
  9. Well I dont trust all the cops. So I'll carry a gun too.

    Hell my gun got me out of a ticket. I had my Desert Eagle on the seat when I got pulled over once and the cop was so awestruck by it he let me off (after he took the gun out of the car and kinda played with it).

  10. :lol: :rlaugh: that is hilarious...I couldn't imagine. ell if I had a gun and was pulled over like that I'd be looking at three square meals a day and all the sex I can handle in jail.
  11. Alright, we're officially on page #3. :banana:
  12. or not :p

    Personally I don't carry a firearm because I don't think my temper and a firearm would mix too well ;) I shoot my uncle's rifles all the time though :D
  13. :lol: :rlaugh: I like it! I never thought it'd be a catch phrase when I wrote it half asleep, but hey.... :D :nice:
  14. SInce I dont have a CCW I can legally carrey the gun so long as its out in the open.

    But the cop had never seen a .50 Desert Eagle..especially a gold one. So he loved gawking over it.
  15. You have a gold plated desert eagle? You gun ricer!
  16. Sorry kiddo, it comes like that from the factory. Don't hate on the gold because your Kimber is to crappy to come in that finish.

    And just so you know, Titanium Gold is just about the hardest finish availible on any firearm.
  17. I know, I'm just saying it looks tacky. :p
  18. How's it tackey? As much money as I spent on that damn thing, I wanted it to REALLY stand out. And trust does just that. Anytime I bring it to the range people just stop and stare at it. Now thats partley because of the 4' flame is shoots and the fact that its louder than a shot gun..but they also love the "bling bling" of the gun.
  19. Okay, my turn :rolleyes:

    You guys wanna talk gun control. Try us in SoCali specially Los Angeles County, City of L.A. All The B.S. paper work I filled out and extra fees I paid to buy my SigArms SP2340 .40S&W and Ruger Mini-14 .223 Ranch Rifle which I happliy picked up today.

    And we have the toughest gun controls in the nation. Gotta be a judge or diamond courier to get a Concealed Carry Permit.

    All because of criminals that do not obey the law. Hell, who ever said they(criminals) did and I guess that is our(law abiding U.S. Citizen) fault eh? Whole lotta :bs: !!

    Doesn't Handgun Control Inc. realize guns do not kill people, people with criminal intent kill people.

    I miss my Aks (4 different variants) and AP-9 assault pistol that I had to give up due to the Assualt Weapons Ban. :bang: All were a hoot to shoot specially with a 75 round AK drum magazine.

    P.S. I too love my Auto Ordinance 1911 .45 Auto.

    Mustangs and guns...kewl :flag: