Saying howdy, starting to research, thinking of a first gen

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  1. Howdy. Don't have a Mustang right now but a red on red '66 was my first car back in '86. It was a straight six with 3 on the floor with factory air. It was a pretty slow combination but that probably kept me alive as a teen ager.

    The short story: I'm starting to look into getting another first-gen mustang (64.5 to 66) but I'm looking for a 6 cylinder coupe.

    The Long story: I'm catching the bug again. I recently sold my 2010 Lexus IS350C to get on the Dave Ramsey and got a 1994 Jag XJS as my 'beater'. On relearning how to maintain a car myself again I've been hanging out on bob is the oil guy. In doing so, I've got the crazy idea of getting another straight six mustang to work on with my two boys and have something simpler than the Jag to turn a wrench on. I'll pay cash for it so it will be just a bit before I do it.

    Any good places to start looking for information? Any good places to find the right car when I'm ready?

  2. Welcome! Thumbsup for the Dave Ramsey plan, though don't put too much money into that Jag! Great idea, too, working on a Mustang with the boys. Good luck!
  3. Welcome back into the mustang fold. My suggestions are:
    Don't buy the first car you find, get the car in the best starting shape you can physically. Engine/drivetrain is the least expensive to repair/ replace, rust, bodywork and repaint are the $$$ items so if you find a car that is solid that needs mech. work go for that or a car that needs some work on the interior, drivetrain,et. but has recently had bodywork and fresh paint. You get the idea. A solid foundation is key as everything has to come off to fix that and takes skills to get right.

    You should have a good selection to choose from as 6's and Coupes are not in high demand at the moment. Look for one with some options if you can or maybe a conv? Check your local CL and mustang sites like this in the classifieds section, also join or just attend your local mustang club meeting and put the work out you are looking for a nice '66 w/6. People in clubs are passionate about their cars and put more work/money into them than they know they will ever get out or they buy a project and give up.
    good luck in your search,