SBF/Mustang/351w parts for sale

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  1. Mostly 351w conversion stuff:

    Edelbrock Victor Jr heads(pair) NIB - $1250 plus shipping.

    Behind Bars Race Cars converted to EFI Victor Jr intake with fuel rails and upper elbow intake NIB - $500 plus shipping (upper/lower/rails)

    No pics yet, but also have:

    Noe's Performance built 351w short block (74') with cleaned up stock crank, forged Eagle I Beam rods, Forged Probe SRS flat top pistons, custom Buddy Rawls cam (roller setup). Decked, honed with torque plates, assembly fully balanced with billet steel flywheel and Romac balancer.

    Can provide build sheet and all details. 0 miles on it. - $1500 plus shipping. I'll consider reasonable offers. The parts and labor are more than this, obviously.

    8.8 Traction-lok rebuild kit NIB - SOLD
    2 1/2" Dr. Gas X Pipe for longtubes (needs one of the trans hangers tacked back on. - SOLD
    Ford/Bosch 30lb red top fuel injectors (8) only 5000 miles on them - SOLD
    Fox 351w conversion LT headers (used, don't know brand) 1 3/4 - SOLD
    ARP hex timing cover & waterpump bolts NIB - SOLD
    M8510-B351 crank pulley spacer NIB - SOLD
    M8511-B351 Accessory Drive Kit (AC/Pwr steering relo) NIB - SOLD

    Pics for above items are here: (no pics of the heads or intake - still at my engine builder's shop)
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.