SCT tune vs TwEECer tune

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  1. i have an sct chip the the 5 selector switch and for me to tune this chip myself i would have to buy the Racer's Pro Package for 650-700 dollars (tuning software and chip burner) or i could buy the TwEECer RT for about 600 dollars. Wich would be the better way to go ??? Both tell me they can give me my current tune so i'm not starting from scratch. Someone once told me that TwEECer's reset if crossing under high power lines. Wich is better and why???
  2. Allow me to give you some general info here :D

    I have had a good bit of experience with the Tweecer and none with
    the Pro Racer Package. I've seen many say the PRP is really nice and
    what little I've looked at it ... it seems really user friendly.

    Sooo ... having said that :)

    Both tuning interface packages will give you good results :nice:

    I have not had any issues with my Tweecer reseting itself :nono:

    The Tweecer offers real time datalogging which can be so helpful ;)

    If you really want to be completely stand alone with everything
    you need to tune under ALL conditions you will need a wide band
    with either method of tuning interface.

    Nice wb's can be had for two to three hundred dollars

    One option with the Tweecer is you can go for just a basic featured
    wb cause you can output the wb to display in the data logs.

    The need for a wb that will capture data and play it back is then
    not needed thus saving you a bit of money :D

  3. what do you mean/how can you output the wb, does it just plug in somewhere?? And where/who would you recommend i buy from for a basic wb, also make.
  4. You can output the wb to the pcm egr input
    Then select egr as one of your 16 data streams to display in the data log

    If you still run egr, there is an interface called Data-Q you can use in that case

    The specific details are here and all over the various tuning forums :nice:

    Peeps have used PLX, Innovate and other wb's
    Those two come quickly to mind

  5. :bs:
    Tweecer won't reset around power lines :rolleyes:

    I would still go with tweecer, just for the datalogging...
  6. Don't Listen To This Guy :nono:

    Look At His Sig :eek:
    He Be One Of Those Fox Folk :chair:

    :rlaugh: I'm Kidding Here :rlaugh:

    I will be the first to say without a shadow of a doubt ;)

    He knows what is what with a Tweecer :Word:
    He helps so many of the Fox peeps over on that tuning forum :hail2:

    Good to see you on here again Jason :banana:

  7. I'm currently debating the same issue but I was wondering who's selling the Racer's Pro Package for $650-700 :shrug:
  8. With respect to the data logging are we talking about something other than A/F ratios :shrug:

    Also, is there a lot of difference in prices between basic featured and full featured wb's when it comes to quality :shrug:

    I believe the Zeitronix ZT-2 wb w/o display at $280 can be data logged to a laptop :nice:

    I'm grappling with the same issues as 94mustangcobra and am wondering if in the absence of personally knowing someone with hands on Tweecer experience a simpler interface albeit at a higher cost might be worth the premium :bang:
  9. Go to my site and look on the tuning page :)
    You will see the older software but it will give you the idea ;)

    I'd bet they offer the same accuracy and you pay more for the features :shrug:

    Nice yes ... but ... If you have the ability to have it displayed along side
    In sync with 15 other columns of data

    You really don't need that feature :D
    You wanna run two laptops and try to see them simultaneously :crazy:

    There is something to be said about that :shrug:
    I have always seen it like this :)

    The challenge is NOT with the interface software :nono:
    You should be able to master it in an hour or two at the most :nice:

    Where you are gonna spend some time is in getting a handle on
    the basic operation of the pcm :Word:

    Consider this line of reasoning :D

    How would one improve upon something :scratch:
    They did not have a basic understanding of it in the first place :eek:

    Also ... One would need to have a basic understanding about
    the motor and how it might respond to things such as

    Adding or Subtracting Spark and or Fuel

    Hope this stuff makes sense :)
    I just see it as being very important :eek:

    No matter what tuning method one might choose ;)

  10. After going to your site it is painfully clear that reading what your describing and doing this is :eek:

    I was thinking about needing the wb data logging feature if one was using the Pro Racing Package which does not have data logging :shrug:

    Is a basic understanding all that is required or as I suspect a more indepth understanding really required :shrug:

    I want to spend time having fun driving the car :nice:
    not spending most of my time tweeking it :mad:

    Oh so true :D
  11. well the software is only like 350 or so BUT you need a chip burner as well wich is another 300 or so totally that package to about 650 vs the TwEECer RT that has a USB that you plug into
  12. Where is the package available for the $650 :shrug:
    I've been quoted closer to $970 :mad:
  13. cheapest place I have seen for the SCT pro racer with chip and chip burner is $949 a while back from modular depot ...........Sniper equivalent to pro racer with chip and chip burner is $699 shipped......but again Tweecer is the only way to have datalogging included on these cars so $650 is a great deal IMO.....never heard of a Tweecer resetting either ....
  14. I do know how at first ... Looking at all this self tuning stuff can seem to be
    a bit intimidating :crazy:

    Let me just ask you this :)

    When you first got started in learning about your Stang ......
    how it worked
    how to mod it
    all the rest

    You just learned a bit here and a bit there as you went along :shrug:
    Before you knew it ... It all fell in place and made sense :banana:

    Self Tuning is a lot like that ;)

    Don't let that stuff I put up on my little site overwhelm you :eek:

    I just tried to offer a sampling of screen shots that entails the
    basic things you can change and will deal with :D

    One doesn't change EVERYTHING you see in those screen shots :nono:

    Yes ... in that case ... you would certainly want that feature :nice:

    I see tuning as two main categorys
    1) WOT
    2) Drivability

    Of the two ... Drivability is the more challenging :)

    A good bit of the things you change are simple value changes like idle
    speed, rev limiter, fan temps, and the like.

    Most of the time, you can use the internet forums or optional software
    like EEC Analyzer to help you ascertain how to make a change

    I still say ... just the basic things like ..........
    Closed Loop Conditions
    Open Loop Conditions

    You grasp them :nice:
    Which shouldn't be a huge undertaking :nono:
    You'll be way down the road to having some success in self tuning :Word:

    I've gotten a lot of enjoyment from learning how to tune my Stang :banana:
    I'm one of those peeps who likes to learn things :D
    Maybe those two go hand in hand :shrug:

    I just could not say if you will see it like :nice: or :notnice:

    Hope I've helped in some small way :)


  15. must've misunderstood or misquoted:shrug:
  16. i think i'm going to put my funds towards a TwEECer RT then:nice:
  17. those cast iron heads on your car ?
  18. oh yeah, stockers off my original motor:notnice: if they were the aluminum ones i'd be upset:mad:
  19. just noticed the HP numbers in your sig , not bad .......I am running edelbrock RPM 2.02 valve heads on my high compression 306 and I should be in the 310-320 rwhp range , but probably not anymore torque than your combo put out
  20. that was on a dynojet in 95 degree weather in tallahassee FL, 9:1 compression as well (18cc dished pistons w/ 63-65 cc on the heads), stock cobra intake too. :OT: