selling my 91, how much should I ask

Discussion in 'Fox Body Mustangs For Sale (1979-93)' started by 91foxbod50, Feb 22, 2010.

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  1. im sellin my 91 :nonono:

    i wanted to know what you guys think i should ask for it.

    91 gt brand new 306
    cobra upper and lower
    gt40 p heads
    novi 1000
    373 gears
    bbk longtubes or h pipe mac catback

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  2. IBTM

    Beautiful car man! Sad to see it go... you didnt say how many miles and exactly where you are located. Also, clean carfax or wrecks on file?
  3. not sure what ibtm or ibtl means but im in camp pendleton ca, the body probably has around 150k engine bay could be refreshed. new motor and rebuilt trans just put the motor in thursday. its dynoed at 360 rwhp w/o tune just fuel dialed.

    never in an accident
  4. In Before The Lock, In Before The Move.

    I would suggest around 7-8k depending. Hard to tell when not in person but at that price if paint and interior are as good as it looks, along with no rust you should get that.
  5. oh i thought anything went in talk, but i will ask 7500 on craigslist, thanks
  6. IBTL AGAIN bet you regret selling it
  7. If you ask 7500 just expect someone to talk you down some. I always post for a little more than what I will take. I think do 7500 obo :nice:
  8. IBTM id say post it for sale in the classifieds here on :SNSign:
  9. selling this cars gonna suck
  10. do all you can 2 keep it sell the parts maybe or the rims first
  11. i just dont want to deal with ppl, last time i was gonna sell it i had all these ppl trying to lowball the shiiit out of me. and i was only asking 4500
  12. use ebay then :lock::shrug:
  13. I agree, I would keep as many of the parts as you can, especially if you are going to do another car. Why are you selling this one, it is a beautiful car?! If you are just looking to get out of it, I'd say ask for 7K and settle for 6K-6.5K. FWIW, I would have given 4500 in a heartbeat!
  14. where are the mods at? I cant believe this is not locked.
  15. :fuss:
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