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  1. As for talking nonsense ? it's statements such as Ford and/or dealers dont decide the prices, the consumers do. Not only is that nonsense but ridiculous as well.. First off it's the dealers who decide to mark up cars like the GT 500 20k above MSRP and not the consumers and although I agree the GT500 isn't your average Mustang and realize it's going to cost above sticker ? there's no excuse for these greedy ass stealerships to mark them up by 20k or more above sticker.. On the other hand, even if they just marked them at 5-8k above sticker ? this would still provide more than enough profit while at the same time provide all their loyal customers and not just those select few the opportunity of purchasing one as a means of showing their appreciation for their many years of customer loyalty instead of stabbing them in the back, it's no wonder why Ford is in the mess it currently finds itself in...Then how about the Shelby GT ? other than the car being modified at Shelby Automobiles in Las Vegas, there's absolutely nothing above the Stock Mustang GT performance wise other than the very same FRPP suspension and cold air packages that anyone can purchase and install on their Mustang GT from Ford Racing...Therefore you tell me how in the hell the Shelby GT is so above the average Mustang GT that warrants these stealerships from marking them up 10-16k above MSRP ? next I suppose the consumers are also at fault for that mark up as well huh ? You talk about nonsense, well it doesn't get much better than that and until these stealerships realize their customers come first and are responsible for putting money in their greedy ass pockets they'll have nothing else left to blame except for their own self centered greed as the reason for putting Ford and themselves straight out of business, it's as plain and simple as that..As for the Shelby GT 500 ? your statement about their being no production plans for 08 ? that's also nonsense as 08 will be the final year of production for the GT 500 unless your referring to model year 09 ? which is scheduled for release in mid to late 08..I'm not quite sure about the base Camaro but I'm pretty sure that when GM comes out with their special edition Z-28, not only may it equal the Shelby GT 500 performance wise ? but may also surpass it and you can also be pretty certain when Daimler/Chrysler releases the Challenger R/T with it's 6.1 HEMI odds are it just might surpass the GT 500 as well and if not ? you can bet that when they come out with their limited edition Challenger T/A ? and as much as I hate to say this but it's more than likely the Shelby GT 500 won't even be capable of matching it let alone being within comparison of it...
  2. I agree 100%. Like I said, most of the dealers even on the mustang forums still make it seem like they are going for 20k over, not true. I have watched e-bay the last 2 weeks and on and off prior. None are selling for more than 10k over. Most are not even reaching 10k. The regular Shelby GT is not even reaching MSRP. Not one Hertz I have seen has sold because of the prices they are asking. You may think I am crazy, but this is what happened with the Thunderbird, the 03-04 Mach, and the 5-speed 05 GT's to an extent when they came out. It also happened to the GT40's and the Terminator's. Couple years later they could not give away the Thunderbird, probably could have sold twice as much if not for greed, people went elsewhere. Mach 1's ended up with HUGE rebates, like 4k if I remember correct. GT40's are still in the dealerships from 1-2 years ago. Now, lets bring up other brands. Nissan 350z, when it came out they gave you a chance to pre-order on-line for MSRP. This was Nissan, not the dealers. Why couldn't Ford do that? Remember the Beetle when it first came out, you had to know someone at the dealer to get one, never saw them at auction. First come, first serve. Had to wait, but paid sticker. How about the PT Cruiser, had to wait a year at one time, but always sticker. Never saw them at auction from a dealer. I love the Mustang and want Ford to do well, I understand the dealers have to make money also. They make plenty of it selling a car at MSRP that is sold prior to hitting their inventory. It is called Turns. It drives your ROI (Return On Investment). If they pre-sold all the 08's for sticker they would make more than if they sold the first half with ADM's and sat on the second half. It is basic business math. One of these days they will figure it out.
  3. That is funny, they are making them for 08 and with their financial situation they would be stupid not to make them for 09. The only thing that will stop them is if they are scared of the Charger and Camaro, I would be if I were them. Toyota is not high demand? Have you followed the Auto industry the past 5 years, they are taking over. Why? They make a Great product that is reliable and is an excellent value. Is it cheaper than the comparable Ford, Chevy, or Chrysler products, NO. That said, it still sells more. Wonder why? Reputation and Brand Loyalty, Bottom Line! Ford is not helping either one of those and they need to in a hurry. Brand Loyalty is the #1 priority, good luck getting it this way.
  4. Exactly, so where he came up with the Shelby GT 500 being discontinued for 08 ? is completely not true, unless he's referring to the mid/late 08 release of the 09 model as an 08 by mistake ? And btw 911man I believe you're referring to the Challenger and not the Charger correct ? just kidding lol.
  5. It all boils down to simple economics, Supply....... and.......Demand, not to mention PT Barnum....."There's a sucker born every minute".
  6. Maybe we are all at fault for wanting a Mustang to begin with? Maybe if we said we wanted to buy Chevys we could get Fords at a cheaper price?
    I believe many will leave Ford and go to other brands because of dealer greed. And maybe then what I just said will come true. Ford will have to lower prices to get folks to return.
    The whole thing is just stupid, stupid, stupid for a car company facing potential bankruptcy.
  7. In my honest opinion these stealerships know damn well there's currently nothing offered by the competition and are capitalizing on this as their excuse for their greedy price gouging tactics.. And hopefully when GM and Daimler/Chrysler release the Camaro and Challenger respectively ? this will hopefully put an end to this crap once and for all by pressuring Ford into leveling the playing field for everyone unless both GM and DC also plan on price gouging just their SE editions such as the Z-28 Camaro and Challenger T/A ? however I don't believe they will after realizing they'll also need to keep prices down in order to keep their customers from getting better deals from the competition in which should keep Ford right in check as well..Therefore It seems that competition isn't always such a bad thing afterall and understand why it's necessary :shrug:
  8. Or the dealers could be marking these Shelby GTs up so much to make up money lost to their other Ford models sitting around. Its sad when my dealership has a Chevy HHR for sale in the front of the store where a Rousch Mustang used to sit.
  9. Where do you see Fords announcement that they will make the 08 Shelby!? Would you share with us!?
    They never announced that they will disscontinute the Cobra's after 04 and yet they didnt produce any in 05. They normaly announce if theyre going to CONTINUE makin them rather than not making them.
  10. Cobra in 05????? SVT was gone in 05, they did not have to tell us they were not making them. It was also a 100% brand new model in 05. They are already taking tentative orders for 08's. Check a dealer, they are making them for 08.

  11. Do not let them fool you, they are not losing money on any deal they make. Ford might be with the rebates, but the dealers are not. When there is a trade-in involved they usually make money on both the sale and the trade.
  12. My Ford dealer makes so much money that he now owns a Nissan dealership, a GM dealership and is opening his own bank. And that's in a small town of about 6,000 people.
  13. dude, you just quoted me just to make the exact same point I was making!?? :lol:

    Ford may have plans for an 08, but they havent made it official yet. Thats my main point. Sure , with some insider info, it doesnt take much to figure out that they should stop making theyre moneymaker.;)
    And if and once they decide to make more, that gives us the consumers a better chance at MSRP. But until then we have to pay the price.
  14. :bang:

    Anyone else at his level understand his post????????????:shrug: :shrug:
  15. After searching the archives for nearly 3 hours... this was the best info I could locate to share with you..Anyway, hope you find this helpful in someway:shrug: Concept Mustangs: 2007 Shelby Cobra GT500 Prototype

    Production of the Shelby Cobra GT500 begins in Summer 2006, and the car will be available for purchase in Fall 2006 as a 2007 model. Fewer than 7500 units will be produced in each year of the two- to three-year production run. Only SVT dealerships will be able to sell the Shelby.
  16. Now where in all that do you see Ford announcing that theyre disscontinuing the 04 Cobra's? or that they will make an 08 Shelby.

    Someone here said that Ford is making the Shelby's for 08 and 09 BECAUSE they havent said anything about discontinuing the Shelby. My whole point was that, Ford doesnt always announce if theyre gonna discontinue a special model,,,, they just do it.

    Here, just to make it simple for you:

    Ford hasnt announced yet that they will make the Shelby in 08. :bang: :bang:

    If you have the insider scoop, more power to you!
  17. I am going to bring this back to the Original Subject, Shelby GT prices. Bottom line is I have not seen one sell over MSRP on e-bay yet, most are not even making it to MSRP. The MSRP is to high IMO.
  18. On Saturday I went to my local Ford dealer. I wanted to take a look at the Shelby GT they had. I was seriously considering making the trade. Keep in mind that in the last 3 years I have bought 2 Explorers and the Mustang from them totaling more than $100,000. I thought they might offer me something reasonable. They came back with a "deal" for me. My paid off 2006 Mustang GT Convertible with 3,700 miles and $29,000. I told them to pound sand.
  19. Anyway, your apology is accepted and I sincerely tried to help you out in the best way I could...I also tried the best I could to locate any recent and more up to date info from Ford concerning production status for the Shelby GT 500 beyond 2007 and wasn't able to locate any..However I did speak to my local service manager today who claims in his opinion ? the GT 500 will remain in production for 2008 and that orders are already being taken..So I would also recommend you also speak to your local Ford service or general manager and find out the info from them directly as well...:shrug:
  20. How can orders being taken when there are no order guides for the 2008 Mustang Shelby GT500 models in Ford's system!? And I am not talkin about their website. I am talkin about the actual order guides you get at the dealership. They havent released them yet.