SOLD Shelby Gt500 Takeoff Parts For Department Of Boost Build

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Jul 16, 2001
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I collected low mileage, quality takeoff parts to build a blower kit for my Mustang GT 4.6l 3v using the Department of Boost manifold from
I have since bought a Roush TVS supercharger kit so I am selling everything.

I am happy to answer any questions that interested buyers have.

All prices are for local sale, shipping costs extra. Cash or Paypal.

GT500 Eaton M122 supercharger with elbow: 2400 mile takeoff from 2008 Shelby. Like new condition.
Price: $450

GT500 Fuel rails with sensor: Original OEM Ford with under 3K miles. Will work perfect and in great condition. 7R3V-9F792-CA
Price: $65

GT500 degas tank: intercooler coolant tank. 2400 mile takeoff from 2008 Shelby.
Price: $20 or free with purchase of supercharger

2007-2010 Mustang 4.6L 3V Lower radiator hose, OEM, brand new. Needed for the DOB installation on a 2005-2006 Mustang GT. 7R3Z-8286-C
Price: $35

2013-2014 Shelby GT500 cold air intake with JLT intake tube and new filter: JLT tube is less than 3 months old, Shelby air filter has less that 200 miles
Price: $150

Roush heat exchanger from Roush P51 TVS supercharger kit. 20k miles ($400 new)
Price: $100

Bosch intercooler water pump from GT500: used, but newly rebuilt with 0 miles since rebuild.
Price: $60

Here is the link to my local Craigslist ad with more pictures:

IMG_3196.jpg IMG_3182.jpg IMG_3183.jpg IMG_3190.JPG IMG_3186.jpg IMG_3192.jpg IMG_3187.jpg IMG_3221.jpg IMG_3189.jpg
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