Show off your stang

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  1. ^Thats a gorgeous reef blue LX! I love the white ball shifter! And that silver GT is sexy too!

    I guess its been a while since i've whored my Stang :D

    And the final product I'm wanting to go for (Just something I played around with in Paint):

  2. Maybe it's just me, but LXs (and '86 GTs :D ) look badass with '87-'93 GT spoilers!

    Thats a badass pic, dude. :nice:
  3. The previous owner did the GT spoiler. I really like it, very different on a LX. I need new tailight lenses and now I can't decide to go with Cobras or LXs.

    BTW, I love them 85-86 GTs; especially with t-tops. That's the first I've seen a GT spoiler on a 4-eye car.
  4. If in doubt stick with the LX lights. Cant go wrong with those.
  5. foxmustangman, great pics. :nice:

    And yes, I want that Reef Blue hatch. :drool: It's one of the few colors that I think looks better with chrome wheels. *cough*chromeponyr's*cough*

  6. Thanks dude, I like them too.

    X2, that car would be straight sex with chrome Pony Rs on it.
  7. Thanks guys :nice: Ya I think lx spoilers look good on GTs and GT spoilers look good on LXs. :shrug:

    I always wondered what GT tails would look like on an LX...until i saw it :puke:
  8. Yeah, I had a hard time deciding on Pony Rs, Cobra R, or Terminator wheels.
  9. 90 Mustang GT 5.0 5-Speed Hard to Show How The PPG Paint Changes





  10. photo6.jpg

    Horrible pic from my iPhone:
  11. just a picture of the rear of the car and the interior...

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  12. aaand just showing off the front and top of the car

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  13. oh i forgot to add, the previous owner took all of those pics, and it now has white in the middle of the trim around the car, and the "mustang" on the front and rear bumper are now white.
  14. Just getting ready to pick up a new notch to begin DMAN302-2.0 she will be a no option notch that is bizzaro DMAN302-1.0. By that I mean she will be top to bottom...inside, out side...absolutely every single component, every bolt, every nut will be black chrome or black powdercoated except the exterior and wheels which I'm shooting in black with blue flake metalic...excited I am.
    Anyways, old car...


  15. Whooow, nice cars !

    And, my little Fox, only a 11sec street and strip car, owned It for 11years now.. Bought a new hart for it this winter. Old, -98 unused, all prepeard SVO R-302 4-bolt ,CHP block! Look forward to my boosted new engine, 650+ hp around the corner... :rolleyes:



    keep on taking care of your Foxes :nice::flag:
  16. Nice 4-Eye! Oh btw Norway rules!
  17. Thanks, and you got a cool Cab yourself :) Have to visit Idaho one day, I listen to the band called "BO Deans " this evening, And they have this song called Idaho ! (+ Paradise, Good tings etc :nice: ) Sorry, I know Off topic..
  18. Heres my notch

  19. 79 Indy Pacecar , 302cid and C4

    And, here is my "Sunday" car. All origninal Pace Car, stock engine transmission and interiour.
    Only 58k Miles. And Its so nice to drive It, really feels great!