Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by Rootus, Dec 30, 2003.

  1. I'm envious of you guys that live down south. Today's high temperature: 32*. This is what just started up:


    (not great image quality, sorry -- it's pitch black outside)

    You can see which car gets the preferred treatment :rlaugh:. No room right now in the garage for the pickup. This may be my sole transportation for a couple days though, the last time I had a Mustang out in the snow it was a scary experience :lol:.

  2. yeah its gettin cold outside these days, it barely got up to 64 down here in san diego. Im so so so cold.
  3. It was probably in the high 70's today here :D but when it comes summer you'll be glad you live up north.
  4. I hate snow!

    just got my tie rods replaced and allignment done and all psyched to go driving (havent droven my stang in 2 days cause of a minor aaccident i was in)

    then it starts snowing! :(

    i wish i lived in a warm part of the states... canada rains and snows too much...

    for the first time im jealous of the stars and stripes...
  5. i just hope it settles down by tomorrow so i can take her out for a spin on new years...