So apparently we are no longer allowed to give negative feedback on companies we deal with.

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  1. Getting off-topic. The topic was about the why they disappeared, not about what company does or doesn't do.
  2. So, I still don't have an answer to my question about Gearbanger101's statement:

    Any further derogatory or defaming remarks or attempts to steer the thread in such a direction will result in thread closure and disciplinary action if deemed necessary!

    If my status here is left to the whim of a mod who has consistently demonstrated disdain for member's opinions that disagree with his, I'd like to know it.

    I'll kind of disagree with my having a hard-on for UPR. It's not just them. I have a hard-on for all companies that go out of their way to screw over their customers and their competitors. I'm all about fair play, buying American-made products and treating people the way that they treat others.

    So, what I'm getting out of this is that Stangnet doesn't care if people come here looking for advice about a company and don't get told the whole story. We should all be good soldiers and toe the line and know nooooothing about anything bad from UPR, Granatelli, Blue Oval Industries, MAC or any other company selling marginal quality parts at cheap prices with bad or non-existant customer service. And if we dare to voice a dissenting opinion, The Canadian Colossus will smack us upside the head with the ban stick.

    Got it.
  3. Agreed but this isn't where the slugfest is going to take place. When folks stick to what they know and things don't become an MTV reality wannabe then I would imagine that the thread(s) would remain open.

    Whether it by your hand or that of another (and with all the folks on this forum there's lots of potential for ANYONE to turn an otherwise good thread into crappola)... The E-Thug threads will disappear. :shrug:
  4. Well, you could always just ask me directly...although I'm sure it wasn't as attractive an option as pulling out that pedestal again and posting it in open forum. ;)

    First off....The statement I made was generalized. I wasn't addressing you directly when I made it.

    Second....since you're finding the need to define and pick apart my grammar as of late, please link me to any Webster’s link that states "disciplinary action" means banning? There are several forms of discipline we staff have at our disposal. I'm not sure where I got this "rep" as the wielder of the ban hammer. I can probably count on one hand the amount of members that I've banned (outside the obvious spammers) since my tenure here and still have fingers enough left to hold my glove on after the fact. The intent of the statement was to bring an end to the banter. It's useless, it's stupid and it's pointless. If you interpreted my statement as a threat of banishment directly aimed at you, then I apologize. It was not my intent. I’m all for an amicable solution and quite frankly, I have no interest in banning anyone in particular and would even then only do so as a last resort after running it through the proper channels.

    Further explanation you might need regarding the "who's, how's and the why's" is contained within the thread this started in. I really don't know how much more clear I can make it? :shrug:
  5. I am not saying this to be inflammatory, just as an answer to this question.

    You have a reputation amongst the members here as being a hardass and a "my way or the highway" kind of moderator. Reference the post on page one of this thread referring to "another complaint about Gearbanger".

    I prefer to keep discussions such as this in the open air where others can see it and contribute. I find that this tends to keep egos in check.

    I will take that statement at face value. I accept your apology for any misunderstanding and genuinely appreciate the clarification. This was what I wanted to know and now consider the matter closed.