So I got a replacement two days ago, be gentle.

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  1. The thread shifted to talking about verts. I simply said I wouldn't own one. You got worked up, then throw stupid remarks, name calling, and references to my Fiancee. You could have simply replied"I could never own a coupe" and that would be fine. Yet, you decided to attack my Fiancee and make references to her with you. Most people here don't attack other members significant others. It's not warranted. It has nothing to do with anything like "can't take it", as you stated. It has to do with a simple level of respect for others, regardless of post count.
  2. Damn Winters98 has a pretty good point brother. That sh**t ain't even funny. If i were in his position i would be offended also.
  3. haha, your telling him to grow up right after threating to kick his ass over some stupid internet jokes
  4. Ok that stuff dosen't even matter anymore, but that stuff shouldnt even be in this discussion. Remember this is about my buddy new TRANS AM OK...!! :D
  5. The board members that know me personally would agree that I'm not like that. I'm an extremely relaxed guy that likes to have fun. We have a blast at any racing event(Texas Mile, 2k10, NMRA,etc...)

    Personal attacks on me are one thing, family is another. That crosses the line. You don't attack somebody's family. We just had 2v forum member banned after he did this and added a few more dumb replies to other threads in the Squeeky Wheel. It should not be allowed.
  6. I agree:nice:

    Again, G5x3!
  7. Its hard to follow along in this little quarrel when both of you have edited just about every one of your posts :(
  8. Yep, trying to keep things somewhat civil after an attack on family.
  9. "Edit" towards you, Nightfire. You probably read it since it was in response to you. :flag:

    I hate the personal attacks and low blows towards family by new members. I'm sorry if I offended anybody with a vert. I don't like them, and I don't even like my c5 and dog on it on different boards. If somebody took it the wrong way, sorry for them.

    Let's carry on with the Sweet WS6 car. G5x??????
  10. Whoa, I missed out on a ****storm while I was gone, lol. Thanks Sean for bringing some order back to the discussion.

    Winters, I'm planning on going for the G5x3. That idle is so badass. Do you have one on your Vette?
  11. God damn. Every thread I read on Stangnet these days is full of pointless ****ing and arguing about nothing. Often from newbs who think they know it all. This place is going to crap.:shrug: I need a break.
  12. thats what my buddy said, he has an 01 WS6. I dunno how, the engine still looked like they crammed it in their.

    Congrats georgio440, I would of loved to find a WS6 6speed priced right....but when I was looking all I could find whee autos (didnt want), they had over 100k miles, or they had about 20k miles and was out of my price range...
  13. After the plug shot out of my cylinder head last summer, I had it fixed and put my mustang up for sale. I was looking at 94-01 Cobras and LS1 FBodies. The Cobra's in my area were either overpriced or POS. I did come across a 99 Camaro with a Bolt On's and a Cam, but it needed to be tuned badly. It had a horrible idle and died 3 times when I was driving it. I could feel the potential in a straight line though. But I think the platform just sucked, big time. This was when I started looking into taking a car in the turns and the Camaro had so much body roll and understeer I felt like I was driving my dad's Dakota. So I said screw it, and have stayed with my Mustang since. My car is getting a built suspension now, FI later to be my Auto X weekend car. A LS1 will definitely be on my list for a Daily Driver though when I am looking for a second car (includes GTO's and FRC's of course.)
  14. Trans ams make baby seals cry :(

    Congrats on getting another set of wheels to roll around on though :nice:
  15. Hot damn that car is sick. If I didn't have a Mustang that'd be the car for me. :flag:
  16. I like to party :banana:

    But seriously... Nice car! :nice:
  17. Georgio, PM sent back your way about the wheels.
  18. were implying they were chick cars and then you went back and edited your thread. Then you started it with the noob and I'm a big badass comments. Don't act like you're innocent in the brouhaha.;) Today I don't care...I'm over it.
  19. :flag: