Solution for clogged heater core?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Internexus, Dec 11, 2005.

  1. I have a vehicle with a clogged heater core and of course you have to pull the entire dash for it which I don't really feel like tackling such a job so I am curious if any of you have tried anything for unclogging a heater core WHILE still installed?

    The only thing I can think of is to perhaps take a hose, attach it to the heater core and then put the air compressor nozzle into that hose and blow a severe amount of pressure into there ot try and clean it out? I figure if i do this from the return hose I might be able to blow the clog out the feed line? Any thoughts people?
  2. Hose pressure only. (garden hose) Compressed air and you'll be replacing it for sure. How do you know it's clogged. What's the problem?
  3. I get no heat in my car.... It's been as cold as -1* so far and it's not very pleasant cruising to work. Warmed up the car and put my hand on the upper radiator hose, gets to warm to touch after about 5 sec or so. Then move onto the heater hoses for the heater core. The feed line for it is the same amount of heat. The return line is BARELY warm at all. You think it could be blown out with water pressure from a hose?
  4. Sounds like a t-stat problem rather than a clogged core. What's the inside of the radiator look like? If it's clean, I'd try the t-stat.
  5. I blew my autozone one out with compressed air, just make sure you turn down the compressor to 30psi. IT sprayed **** for like 10 seconds, and now the heater works fine
  6. Thermostat is fine. 84blkstang did you do that in the feed line or the return line to blow it out? You did this while it was still installed right? I figure as long as I use a low enough pressure it should be okay, it's effectively a tiny intercooler obviously... Should be able to hold air pressure.
  7. Yea i did it on the return side the side that goes back to the water pump, from the core. I know you probably know but disconnect the feed line also. IT works great now, kinda nice because the highs are in the upper 30's all week
  8. Okay sounds good, just need to get something to plug the lines upon removal and also need a hose to go to the return line to reach to the air compressor hose.
  9. I just took the chuck out of an air rachet, than i pipe clamped it in the return heater hose. After the compressor got built up i let her rip, make sure someone is holding on to the other hose or it will spray everywhere. good luck
  10. 1/2" deep socket works good to put 2 hoses together...
  11. I just back flushed the heater core with a hose, and it's been great for 2 years now.
  12. Thanks a lot guys, I will post results if I can get this accomplished this week (time pending) :D
  13. I had the same problem. I took both hoses loose and put the water hose to them both one at a time to flush and back flush the core. Gunk came out. Now I've got good heat. Don't risk using an air compressor until you try the water hose. You might bust something and of all things to bust, the heater core is not at the top of the easy to fix list.