Somebody please help me mount my aftermarket seats!!

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  1. I have made custom brackets to adapt to the stock sliders. Since the Summit seats do not adjust I find almost every user is different as far as the lay back and height.

    Those brackets do like they could be made to work.
  2. The summit seats do adjust though.
  3. put your stock sliders on the aftermarket seats...a few people in the 94/95 section have done that (blueovalstangGT and stproller i believe)
  4. I thought you were talking about the non adjustable drag seats...
  5. I put my stock sliders onto summit seats. Its a real pain in the ass and some holes have to be seriously enlarged. I'm going to reinforce them soon simply for piece of mind.
  6. I modified my stock sliders to fit the new seat, the enlarged then lower holes to fit to the floor


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  7. I really like these seats but there becoming a PITA
  8. Still a no go here guys!!! Ive search hours on the net, ive contacted Summit and there about as helpful as a 1 legged man in an ass kickin contest. My stock slider will not fit on the seat, what the HELL do i do??
  9. Take em out for a nice dinner, buy em some chocolates, you can mount just about anything that way! Sorry man, Its friday and I just couldnt help myself! I hope you figure it out....
  10. I bought a heavy piece of angle steel when mounting my APC racing seats.
    I mounted them to the seat and then marked and drilled into the bracket from the slider then bolted everything up. It did take a little while to get it. But I like the outcome. They are solid as well.

    Here is a pick of them mounted. I have more but have to find them.

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  11. yo 8719, kill that red interior mixed with blue asap!
  12. I know working on it slowly. Not alot of time to work on the car.
  13. I would take them to a metal shop and see if they can weld up some steel brackets to get them to adapt to the stock sliders.

    This would be the best way to get them to work.

    When making my decision on my 89 coupe, I ended up going with 2000 GT leather seats because they just bolt right in and I got a good price on them. OEM quality and not having to fab something up to make them work was all I needed to know to make my decision.

    They didn't look too bad either.
  14. Well i finally got em in guys! Im making some good progress on this black interior conversion here are a few crappy dark pics but its the best i got so far. 1/4s and rear seat and im done. Whadda ya think?
  15. Be sure you use only grade 8 hardware when mounting the seats -- from a safety perspective. That safety belt doesn't do a whole lot of good if the seat it's supposed to hold you in breaks loose from the car...
  16. i got a set of universal seat brackets made for 3a racing seats from pep boys. try them out, and check your dimensions ( bolt hole spacing ) before you buy.
  17. how did u get them in? I bought those 2 summers ago and ended up selling them because no one knew how to get them in lol
  18. LMFAO--Kudos, Tony. Kudos. :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: