Sorry if I had came off on the wrong foot.

Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by WallyKilla, Feb 8, 2010.

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  1. I'm sorry, I couldn't resist

    But there is just something wrong about this statement.:shrug:
  2. :flag::canada:oh come on deftsound dont hate him cause his evo can out run some of ours and including your mustang:rlaugh:
  3. Not to muddy this thread anymore...but how's the vette doing winters? I just got mine out to cali. I haven't hit the second stage of NOS yet but out here in the desert is the place to do it. I have her in Palm Springs with me now. 2nd stage will add an additional 500hp to the mix so it should be interesting..... :nice: I don't get on here that much, I'm sure you've kept posting but I just haven't seen.
  4. Wow, did he ever. :eek:
  5. Understatement of the day :lol:
  6. No Sir, He got PW3D lol RoFL FTW WTF
  7. Of course he used the “Owner claims he didn't spray, passenger says he did,” excuse.
  8. So OP now you see who you are dealing with.

    No need to apologize for stupidity the thread makes it clear that you fit right in with all the rest of us.

    Props to you for creating one of the most impressively stupid threads I have seen in some time :nice:
  9. Are you daft? The car made 650whp OFF BOTTLE. I was making 450......He didn't need to spray it to beat me, he was just being mean :)

    As an aside, you're a ****ing douchenozzle.
  10. More like solid 10 second car or more. My car in this configuration was going mid 11s at 120mph. We went from a 1st gear roll so the traction advantage should have been there for me, but that car had some meat out back.
  11. Where is the mustang:pics::pics:
  12. Yea, I asked about that about 25 posts back.

  13. My mustang is sexy

  14. stang3.jpg

    I hate how mod motors look :(
  15. yeah, the 2v motor is not very appealing to the eye when stock. What's up with the aftermarket GT badges, or did you just remove the 4.6?

    Car looks good and I like the color, but the tailpipes look a little off from that angle.
  16. I like those badges better. Previous owner put them on and I agree that they're better then the 4.6 badges.
  17. Your stang looks really good , you ever run that bad boy at the track ?
  18. previous owner went like 12.7 with it, I've never run it as it's my daily driver.
  19. **** :lol:
  20. I say let's throw the towel in. You guys are ruthless. The man has taken enough:rlaugh:
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