Souther California PLEASE READ

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  1. I know this isn't TECH, but it's important.

    My dad works for the county and he just heard from one of his Sheriff buddies that CHP and all other cops are on mission. I guess the County is nearly out of funds or something like that and they are ticketing ANYONE driveing 2 miles over the speed limit. YES, that's right 2 miles over the speed limit. The ticket's start at 168 bucks and work their way up. So pass the word around and make sure your Fuzz busters are on and your watching your mirror's!!
  2. Is this Hazzard County.? Cali is a big place...
  3. Sorry,

    It's Ventrua County.
  4. :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

    Just few minutes ago I got a third ticket :mad:, and I didn't deserved it :notnice:, I have been driving for years and never got a ticket before, I always try to obey the law, however since I moved into this city I already got 3 tickets, the first one I agree I deserved it, but the last two were just going 3-4mph above the speed limit :mad: :mad: , I asked to make it a warning and the cop didn't what to do it no matter what, he was very mean :mad:

    This is in Bellflower CA, but I notice Cops from Lakewood are about the same.

    Sometimes that makes me think that they are out of funds and that is why they are this picky and mean, but man that really pisses me off :bang: :bang: :bang: :bang:
  5. well next time i am up in ventura county i'll be very careful.
  6. Damn...there goes doing 80 to work.

    I hate Ventura county... the sooner I get out of there, the better.
  7. thanks for the heads up on that. i normally cruise bout 5mph over...guess i'll be doin the speed limit exactly from now on.
  8. I got a ticket there on Downey and Artesia a few years ago for going with the flow of traffic which was about 5 mph faster than the speed limit. There was about 5 of us in the pack and he picked me out. :rolleyes:
  9. i start school everyday at 6 am, yes it is way early, but so far there has been 1 person a day from my class getting a ticket for really stupid stuff, ie no turn signal at 530 am. thats just stupid
  10. Hey I work in Bellflower, and yes I also got a ticket there as well.

    That blows, I am constantly in that area!
  11. What? This blows, I live in Oxnard and commute to Thousand Oaks every day and everyday i speed if i can get moving on the 101. Thanks for the heads up, Ill be sure to take all precautions
  12. man, luckely i havent gotten any yet.. even with smoke pouring out my back when my valve covers where leaking like crazy.. i have noticed alot of people getting pulled over the past couple months.. especially on saviers and channel islands..
  13. haha riiiight :rlaugh:
  14. Turn signals are not an option on a vehicle. Around here I get cut off who knows how many times a day from someone not using a turn signal to at least let you know they want/coming over and end up having to hit the damn brakes cause they wait til the last damn second.
  15. I don't see HOW counties can be going broke around here, with the revenue they're generating from PROPERTY TAXES!

    Every time I get on the freeway these days, I am SO glad for my 3.5 mile commute to work, that is all surface streets. Gas prices aren't helping much either...
  16. wow i live near Downey, Bellflower and lakewood who knew that there are more people here that live or woek aorund where i live, and i already know about those spots so i just drive carefully around there. Since i live in Bell it's not uncommon that i have a cop follow me to where ever i go in the city of Bell that is like from my house to Jack in the box a few blocks down :nonono:
  17. im exactly the same way, 5 miles to work and back no freeway.

    good luck cali stangers... :notnice:
  18. I think this county might have some funds now since this thread was started two years ago. :shrug:
  19. I used to get tickets left and right. But once i got a lawyer and took them to court. Now they dont pull me over no more.