Spark & It's Effect On Low End Torque

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  1. You know a place on the web where I can get a .pdf of that for free?:D

    But seriously...I'm gonna look into that.
  2. It would be nice if someone that had a tweecer could dyno their car with the stock timing tables and then loaded their customized timing tables in to see what the differences is. I personally feel like there is a pretty good difference in the lower rpm torque. With my car being mostly stock the only differences I've made so far is timing and I think the only gains I made were in the low rpm's. if I can ever get to the dyno I will try it just to see
  3. Nice topic...

    I have a N/A "stick" question?

    when having all the timing in by 2500 or so to full advance do you smooth out the sub 2500 to make it less of a drastic jump? Anyone have any issues from that drastic jump?

    Second, has anyone tested (dyno or track) with say 34-36* from 2400 to 4k and then 33-35* or so at 5k and up. Vise versa?
  4. [​IMG]

    In the winter ... I usually go up to 36 :D

  5. grady, i basically copied you spark table, but with a max of 30, and the next row below added around 2 deg throughput. and wow...felt like a new car at wot to me for some reason....pulled pretty hard.
  6. Kyle

    You moved away from your forced combo ... did you not :D

    If so ... why the conservative value of 30 :shrug:

    I got the most power with my self ported E7's at 36
    fuel at just below 13 to 1
    running 93 grade gas