Speedo Over 150mph When Traveling At 50 Mph???


New Member
Aug 4, 2016
So I bought this 97 gt coupe for 1300. I knew it would have some issues. Well I put a rebuilt transmission in it with new clutch and flywheel as well as new cable and quad. Mechanic says someone cut the wires for the vss so I got a replacement for him and he installed it.(the speedo didn't work before obviously? But not while driving the speedo reads WAY off. And if I try to go above what feels like about 50mph it'll shut off like it's hitting the limiter. At this point in time the speedo it well past 150 and almost back to the peg. What could be going on? I'm ready to just unwired the vss so I can drive over 50mph again. Could you wire a vss wrong and cause this problem? Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
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