Spoiler Delete Kit

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Beau, Jan 7, 2004.

  1. i took the spoiler off my car tonight and IMO it looks so much better. much sleeker and cleaner overall. it was the easiest mod i've ever done on a car, it took about 3 minutes.
  2. Where can I purchase this kit?


    yes, it does look much better, wheres the pics? :D
  3. Welcome to the spoilerless club. It is a lot easier to wash/dry now too.

  4. well the kit is available at pepboys :spot:

    and the pics will come as soon as my brother grabs one of the digital camera's from the studio he works at :D
  5. Can't find on-line at PepBoys.com.
    Wanna see it...wanna see it...HELP!
  6. my friend i was just messing around with you, i'll detail what you do below:
    *note i have a 2003 model GT hardtop

    1. go to pep boys and look for part numbers : 45812 and 45490
    2. these are black plastic plugs for the holes, and there are 4 holes, 2 that are 3/8's and 2 1/4 inchers
    3. if you want to, paint them using touch up paint and a toothpick
    4. you can get the touch up from your dealership
    5. remove your spoiler
    6. put the plugs in their corresponding holes.
    7. not that they will stick up and not be flush with the surface of your decklid
    8. if you can handle it, enjoy :)

    *if you screw up your car in any way, its not my fault. you do all of this at your own risk.
  7. Damn it... I thought the "kit" would come with decals or something for my window. Now I must go to bed in total disappointment. Thanks. BTW, what's the best cat back for my ride?
  8. LMFAO why the hell would you want decals from a company that makes spoiler delete kits? lol the fun is in doing it all yourself, not using some kit to do it..besides, its easy, and grand total, it took about 20 minutes including the trip to pep boys and back..

    the best cat-back is a very debated topic. i'd do a search and see all the threads, because there are many schools of thought. some people want quiet, some want loud, some want it loud enough to kill small animals and babies.

    personally, i'm going with magnaflows and then having borla mufflers put in. i'll probably then do a bassani x-pipe (catted)
  9. i was being sarcastic :confused: i didnt know this was real? :shrug:

    what happened to just using bondo to fill the holes :D
  10. :scratch:
    It's not hard to wash/dry with a spoiler.

    Looks 100x better with spoiler :p

  11. i just wasn't in a ricer mood so i didn't want to use bondo. plus i can always put the spoiler back on if i want to. the plugs cost a total of $1.93

    and its not real at all, just plastic plugs you buy at pepboys
  12. :eek: $1.93? thats a gallon of 91 octane! :mad:
  13. its about the same price down here too :notnice: california gas prices suck
  14. 87 here in MD was 1.49 last week... Yesterday I filled up for 1.57... :mad: Two days before that it was 1.54. wtf.
  15. i love the no spoiler look i had my holes filled and painted over and it looks so much better
  16. I'm completely with you on this one. Fortunately for me I found a young kid w/ a black V6 and no spoiler to trade deck lids. :nice:
    There's not a spoiler out there I really want on my car. Can still add one if I ever decide to, but I doubt I ever will (anytime soon anyway). I get tons of compliment on how clean my car looks even from people who are not even into cars. Gotta get Bullit side scoops.
    Sorry to slow the thread even more -

    Here's before -
    After -
  17. :drool:
  18. Spoiler :banana:
  19. what size wheels and tires are those on the rears?
  20. could you tell me what exactly they did and how much it cost? if you dont mind of course :)