SPOTTED: I saw my old stang :tear:

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  1. I also remembered the password to my REAL old name from back in the day!

    Anyway, my girl and I head out to the local movie theater to see a movie. I park and as we are walking up we see a 94-98 style stang, rio red with a black top just like my old one I sold 2 years ago. As we get closer I notice the saleen bezels on the lights, a mod I did, I also notice custom duals, another one of my mods. Then, the topper, it was bought from Kay Honda where I bought my current car and traded that one in at. HOLY ****!!! It was my old stang. I had to take a look at it, I walked around it, kinda hoping the owner would come out but they didnt. What a trip down memory lane that was.

    BTW: Some girl drives it and takes really bad care of it, not the way I would have chose it to end up, but life goes on.

    It also got me thinking, I graduate college soon and will be looking for a weekend warrior to tool around in on weekends and nice days. The list of cars I am interested in heavily import oriented but for ****s and giggles I plan to test drive the Mach1.

    And for those wondering, I currently drive a 1999 Honda Civic Si...prepares for onslaught....
  2. your crazy man...
  3. How am I crazy?[​IMG]
  4. Nothing wrong with having a civic! I own one and my wife drives it, she likes it! She's happy, so Im happy. Your not the only one who's about to get bashed. As I own two Honda's the above noted 2001 Civic, and a shinny new 2004 Oddessy people mover with 240hp.

    Oh well the convertible is going back into the shop, the oil pressure sending unit has a mind of its own(better just be it, & not the bottom end, or I'll tow the stang out to a field & set the damn car on fire!)
    Sorry had to vent! it's a FORD= Fix or repair daily!
  5. Yea my uncle sold his yellow gt vert for his new 04 cobra vert, and two weeks later he found someone who bought it already, and he felt the same way for a while.
  6. mustang vs civic lets weigh these 2 options...
  7. probably not as bad seeing the car............but seeing the car mistreated
  8. Mustang probably weighs more. :p
  9. Lets weigh them how? Assuming your bashing the civic, and it sounds like you are I will weigh them for you:

    Engine: DOHC Vtec engine, 160 hp, I/H/E only = 14.9 @ 91
    My new setup: Greddy turbo kit, exhaust, tuned at 8psi. I havent run this setup yet but will soon, mid 13's expected. Total invested ~ 3k Even with the I/H/E the car was faster than my V6 stang, by ALOT.
    Interior: real vinyl, nice seats, nice guages exclusive to the Si, overall fit and finish is nice
    Exterior: Looks are subjective, however the Electron blue pearl Si with the Honda rear spoiler, rear lip, sideskirts and my Tsunami front lip to replace the front gets tons of looks. I love the looks of the car.

    Engine: V6, 3.8L, 150 hp :notnice:
    I never ran this car, but it was a dog, I didnt want to take it to the track
    Interior: Leather felt like ****, seats didnt have ANY bolsters, interior felt rental car like and was textured plastic EVERYWHERE :notnice:
    Exterior: Classic american sports car look, liked the exterior. However the paint quality is no where near that of the Honda.

    What else do you wish to compare? How about that even in turbocharged state my civic gets 30mpg on the highway and about 26ish city driving. My mustang couldnt touch that. How about the fact that for all its benefits the civic is better on insurance than my so called insurance friendly mustang.
  10. Since you only have 15 posts I am sure you dont reflect the feelings of everyone

    Facts are facts...the civic was the better choice for me. It happened to be better ALL AROUND in performance, from straight line acc, to cornering to braking. I am not going to argue mod potential, thats another can of worms. However the civic does offer alot more for me than a V6 stang did. Sorry.
  11. If gas keeps going up, my stang is going to be sent to the garage and the money I have saved up for a 408 is getting put towards a civic ;)
  12. i wish my 89 civic si hatchback was faster then my stang, but it's not
  13. In the end, it is your choice. It is as good of a choice as any other, because it is yours. I still think it is rice. But, it's your rice. :nice:
  14. And your the moron that gives a bad name to car enthusiast nationwide. :notnice:

    Tell me whats rice about it? I dont have 15hp adding stickers. No big wing, none of that ****. Its pure performance oriented. You put the name rice to anything import. Should I bring up the fact that the good ol fellows over at Dodge made a neon that could WIPE the floor with even a heavily modded 6 banger stang? Seriously dude, go back under your rock. I realize that my car with mods is only marginally faster than an SRT-4. That SRT-4 is a beast plain and simple, just thought I would point out how you seem to think anything sport compact/import is rice. I think a mustang that looks like a GT but moves like a Caravan is rice :rolleyes:
  15. I could reply to your message above and talk about the things you got wrong about me, and so on... But for the sake of this board, lets end this.
    You drive a Civic, I drive Mustang .(period)
  16. dude come over to the PORBE side you don't know what your missing, screw the hondas we kill them all the time,probe's have much potential, just check out Probe
  17. sad thing is that I'm looking at getting a Honda insight............. Cramped, but 65 mpg looks really nice for driving back and forth to work
  18. :rlaugh: :lol: PORBES are kool!! :nice: