North East SSoM Members!!!

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  1. I just wanted to let you all know I have moved into my new house. There's plenty of room here for the stangs and stuff. I also wanted to let you guys know that the shirts and hats are being done up and should be done in a week or so. They really aren't expensive at all. I'll let you guys know when I have them and you guys can come see the house and get your stuff. Later, Chris

  2. its real nice having your own place, isn't it?
  3. Congrats on the house.....that should be one huge weight off your mind. Now I know where I can do a KB swap...or something :D
  4. Hey Chris glad to see your all moved in, now we have to figure out how far u are fom me, prob not to far at all, Im starting to move all my stuff this weds and thurs, I'll prob call out tomorow too just to get a jump start on things.
  5. :nice: Congrats Bro!!! I guess i have to wait till February to see it!!
  6. good to hear man !!!! :nice: now i know where i can install my steeda springs, FR500 cat back, U/d Pullies, Tri-Ax, and C&L MAF hehe.

    my wife just finished moving into our new place as well i am still pissed about not having a garage though.

    Where is your new house???? My wife and i moved out into the country somewhere out towards durham wherever the hell that is. So once again i don't know where i live just like last deployment. :mad:

  7. Maybe shes trying to tell you something :D
  8. That's just cold Fred. Well, while we are on a moving kick, I am moving back into the apt. with Katie on Thursday. Congrats Chris to you and your wife, I cant wait to have you put on all those parts for me for free :p . Fred is just bluffing about the KB, no way he would do something like that......right?

  9. I moved to Gorham. I really like it out here. I have about 4 acres, so threre's plenty of room to moved around. I don't mind installing parts, but free??? I have a mortage to pay now, LOL. No seriously, I'll give you a members discount..

  10. so how much would your "help" with a kenne bell install be? :shrug:
  11. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  12. Its between Freeport and Brunswick, closer to Freeport. I used to live in Durham before I moved to Portland.

    Chris I really like your new place, looks nice and cozy, we'll have to have some Rageing Kegers this summer :D

    Its cool that your not going to be to far from me once I get officially moved in, you will have to stop by once I get all moved in.
  13. Hey, thanks Travis. We will definately have some parties in the summer and cookouts. Well, Dan it will depend on how much of my "help" is needed. It wouldn't be anywhere close to what a gararge would charge you. I'am not sure how involved it will be. Hmm, lets see average install times are what 8-10 hours. Normal mom and pop shop $45 an hour (which is cheap) your looking at I would say an install at best would be $400- $500 dollars. Probabaly be close to $600 or more once they tach on the extras like little parts, chemicals and any waste removal fees. If I did the job totally myself, you could be looking at $250 only as a club memeber. A non- memeber would be close to $400. Which is cheap in my book to get a $2-3K part installed. Of course you must remember, do you have all the tools to install it? I doubt your 100 piece craftsman tool set would get the job done :lol: . These numbers are guesses at this point, they could change depending how involved it gets. Either way I'll take care of you.

  14. thats fine with me!!! as long as she agrees to take that damn dog with her :D
  15. Youre just upset I beat you to it...Ya never know whats on the agenda for the winter. Then comes blooming,birds singing,KB whistling.....
  16. Chris, I am looking to do as much of the install myself as i can. Just getting the place and the tools is the hard part. I could do it in Jersey at my dads house, but being an old timer hardcore chevy guy i would have to listen to his ****. Oh well thats the price i pay for being the ford outkast in the fam. :OT: . Anyways......i get back in the begining of february. the car is down in jersey at my dads house. i don't plan on bringing it back up till mid-end of march (weather is still too crazy!!!) But as long as I have it on for april and the bonney eagle show i'll be happy. Oh yeah and i still need to buy the damn thing!!!! Ok enough rambling.
    ~DAN~ :flag:
  17. speakin of messed up weather it snowed in Brunswick yesterday

    Sunday River got 3 inches
  18. Since were talking about Moving heres a few pics of my place.
  19. few more. All be all moved in by oct 31st, and its even got a garage for the stang :nice:
  20. that was 80 and sunny here in Sigonella yesterday....