Stang BBQ

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  1. I am ordering it from Ford, it will be delivered to Al P. Reg cost is $76.00
    I will PM you when it come in.

    R L
  2. Excellent! - Once again – Thanks. I do appreciate it!
  3. What did you get?!?!
  4. Jill's friend Keith checking in...
    It was nice meeting the bunch of ya yesterday. I have the shiny black '96 GT with the " blub, blub " (as a friend of mine calls the cams). Hope to see you guys again, but I'll be skipping the pantyhose. The hair on my legs gets caught and it hurts. OH! Too much info... :)

    And Ryan... I heard I unintentionally ignored you at some point. I wanted to chat. Maybe next time?

    And thanks to Bobby and his family for the accomodations. It was a good time.
  5. lol...i don't remember so if you did i didn't even notice. sounds great! :nice:

  6. Damn, you guys need to drink more!!!! Hmmmmm, or maybe I need to drink less? :shrug: Haha!

    Oh and I will respond to Shannon as well, just for you :D
  7. dayum

    Sorry folks,

    We got back from the lake house too late...Mimi wasn't moving too fast and it took more time to close up the lake house...

    Wish we could have been there...Maybe we will have one sometime soon...
    who knows???????????????????

  8. Bobby and girlfriend,

    Thanks for a really nice time. Same to all you other guys and gals.

  9. Guys with pics if you need em hosted shoot them over to me [email protected]

    Sorry I missed the get together was looking forward to it since I haven't been able to make the cruise nights lately...doubt I'll be able to make any before winter hits here too :bang:
  10. AUSTIN!! :rolleyes:

    R L
  11. Ryan - The chin spoiler. I did not think it would look good at first but you guys talked me into it! It will be functional for me too - like one big curb feeler :p .
  12. ok i sent the pics to you all can get off my back...haha jk
    i have been getting ready for school, so i haven't been on
    oh and long have i been telling you to get that chin is about time :)
  13. Yes, I know! I hope it looks good on my car. Austin - Be sure to keep in touch!
  14. Yeah Austin have a fun time back at school! I'm it's just work, work, work! Keep in touch!
  15. But with work, work, work comes the affordability of more fun, fun, fun!

    ... oh yeah, and a ton of bills, but don't tell him about those now. :)

    Have fun at school Austin.
  16. Sorry I missed it this weekend guys, sounds like everyone had a great time. Damn non-car/non-drinking related life stuff gettin in the way of my true happiness...again.

    Hope we can put something together soon. I've been kicking a few things around so I'll keep everyone posted.

  17. Sean - I was thinking you may have sold your Stang. Where have you been? :shrug:
  18. Thanks guys, it has been a great summer hanging out, always much more fun to have a car that other people also enjoy talking and hanging out. I will be sure to keep in touch...later!
  19. :(

    R L