Start Of A New Project...again

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  1. I guess I jinxed myself when I said my project was done.
    On the contrary, I'm taking it back to ground zero.
    Anyone who knows me personally knows that when it comes to mustangs there's 2 things I can't resist.
    1. Coupes
    2. The color sonic blue.

    So while I was sitting at work today I happened to be browsing corral and guessed it...a sonic blue coupe.

    And I thought eh, what the hell, I'll see how much I can talk the guy down.

    Well long story short I bought the damn thing.

    25th anniversary 89 coupe
    It's a roller. Automatic car, black interior, 8.8 with 3.73s and a rear seat delete. No seats, no center console, all wiring intact
    Lowered to all hell but supposedly the paint is in mint condition.

    Tear down of the white car begins tomorrow evening. Taking a little trip to pick the coupe up Monday morning
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  2. looks like a nice foundation. Which wheels came with it?
  3. It's got plastidipped pony wheels on it.
    It's getting 5 lug swapped immediately and my dark stars will go on it. Plans are to swap the sn95 dash and console as well
  4. So just swapping bodies? Megaboner.
  5. That's the plan. Never done a dash swap so I'll have to do some reading. I don't like where the door handles end up but we'll see
  6. Not trying to be a downer, but it looks like they painted EVERYTHING. To me, that' screams cheap paint job. Hopefully it will be nice and be what you are looking for. Look forward to another build thread.

  7. The guy has painted some really nice stuff. I looked him up because I thought the same thing. But I guess it was an intentional choice. Which I don't like but remember that it used to be popular.I'm undecided on the mirrors but the cowl panels going back to matte black. The quarter window trim was painted on my last coupe and didn't mind it. But we'll just have to see if it lives up. If it's cheap I'll be dragging my empty trailer 3 hours home again with my money back.

    Thanks though!
  8. Just paint the trim and cowl panel black again. Some stock tails and wheels and it will look sweet. Good thing it has stock hood.
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  9. Be interested to see if the stock hood is even close to fitting.
    Gotta swap the 325 radials for some 275s and I'll be able to put the wheels on.
    That black trim spray actually works really well. Windshield and rear glass trim will look a lot better that way, I agree. I hate cheese graters regardless :D
  10. needs a ford powerplant

  11. I'm sure that there's a name for this kind rampant and repeated butchering.

    It begins young by cutting the heads from small rodents and torturing other mammals. This then lends itself to the capture and abuse of human folk. Finally.... Mustangs. :nonono:

    You must be stopped. o_O
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  12. I typed out a "heartfelt" response but I won't bother. I know with some of you it's just razzing like I too enjoy but it's precisely why I probably won't bother with any updates. Not worth the energy invested. Would hate to detract from any more "gt40 vs gt40p" threads. I'll just take it somewhere else.
  13. link when you do plz
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  14. would like to follow so keep me posted
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  15. If I only had the time that you seem to have for all of these projects!

    Lose the wheels and those taillights and I'm in!
  16. Would you believe I work 60 hour weeks AND swing shift? Haha
  17. So you just finished a huge project with your LS swap that (in my opinion) went really well and now your dismantling it and swapping your "swap" into this notch?

    You need to see a Doctor, I'm diagnosing you with Thaasophobia: an abnormal fear or dislike of being idle.

    Please do your build here on Stangnet, don't let Noobz get you down bro!
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  18. That makes you super ambitious or me just a fat lazy POS hahaha