Stereo Upgrade for 2018 -Up Shakers


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Oct 25, 2014
I currently drive a 14 Mustang, but in a couple years I plan on buying a used 2018-up Mustang GT convertible Premium. I want Navigation, so I believe the Shaker sound system will be stock. Not sure if this is the 9 speaker or 12 speaker Pro system. I want to keep the head unit intact, but plan on removing the stock amps and speakers to install better aftermarket speakers and Alpine amps I already own. I'd rather not have to keep the stock amps in the chain just to run aftermarket amps, so what is the best connector/ connection route for doing so? I see two options- of which Im not sure if either will present a problem with the Sync 3 system or throwing engine alarm codes. The two connectors I've noticed are:


Amazon productView:

The FOR-11CK seems common, but Im not sure how it actually is connected in the system. The infotainment one seem straight forward as it uses RCA connections right on the harness. I just want a harness that won't throw codes and bypasses the stock amps all together. What do you guys suggest? If I use speaker connections for inputs, I'll need a linelevel converter of course to connect to my Alpine amps via RCA.

With the FOR11CK unit, does it still allow the head unit to control settings like EQ, etc? Anyone upgrade their Shaker system with aftermarket? I still want to keep the NAV head unit, so I assume the stock head unit stays in place.
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