Steve's Megasquirt/tunerstudio Help Thread

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  1. Seems to be quite a few people now with MS powered cars, so instead of burying things obscurely in our build threads, it may be easier to have this thread as a reference for anyone thinking about using a MS product and Tuner Studio. I'll keep my MS related questions and findings in here and anyone should be able to bounce ideas around. Thoughts?
  2. Sweet. This is a great idea, we should be able to do writeups on how to use the settings. As well as post accurate base tunes. Questions on specific hardware (like building relays on the motherboard) can be addressed too.
  3. It makes sense. Most of the other forums I frequent has a section dedicated exclusively to it. But How many people here besides us three have the thing?
  4. boosted92lx, foxmustanglvr, stangboy wants or has one, can't remember...Seems like a couple others. This would apply to the Stinger PiMP as well, since it's microsquirt based and uses TunerStudio. I'd imagine other people are looking with interest that don't post much.
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  5. The PiMP is next on my list of things to do right after I finish up my suspension overhaul this winter.

    First off I think it's important for you guys to disclose what version of TS you are using as there may be some differences between the various versions out there.
  6. It's also worth mentioning that Tuner Studio light is a FREE download. So if you are thinking about using it but are unsure you can download and play with the settings, load any tune files we post and gain some working knowledge about the software before you jump in head first.

    Megalog viewer light is also FREE. You can view any data logs we post and see what the ecu is commanding. Getting comfortable with this program is like gold, the HD version can actually auto tune your car based on logs obtained while driving.
    This is great when your at the track, you don't want to auto tune in tuner studio while blasting down the 1/4 mile, but just pull up the log and let it tune after the run.

    I even have custom fields that anyone can program in to megalog viewer to get an estimated fwhp# based on your injector size vs duty cycle.
  7. Count me as one of those that look with interest....probably won't do it for a while though.

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  8. Yeah, I'll be watching this one. Maybe later on I'll have some valuable input. Now, not so much.
  9. There may be an issue here @Noobz347
    I cannot upload my msq files from tuner studio to share... it will only accept pictures, is there anyway around this issue????
  10. LOL I literally just PMd him about that.
  11. Try now
  12. I can upload tunes, but not datalogs (.msl)

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  13. So I took another short run at the tuning last night after getting home late. I redid the spark table but it's still not wanting to rev over 2k rpm. I tried the Autotune function and it seemed to have helped a little, but I think it was too far off for it to be much help. I sent a datalog and the tune to a91what and he confirmed what I was thinking. He says more fuel, so we will give it more fuel. Here is what I had versus what he suggests: 1-12-15 Collin VE Table.png 1-12-15 Steves VE Table.png
  14. Thanks for letting me know it worked.

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