Stock 302 Block / Trick Flow Top End Kit. What's your Guys' Opinion?

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  1. Got a 1987 Stang Stock 302 Healthy Engine. Want to Beter my all motor HP. Like maybe 350 -400 HP so tell me what do you think about a 360HP/350Torque Top end Kit by Trick Flow? Tell me of some Great combos (H/C/I) if there are others as well Please.
  2. You won't make anywhere near block-splitting power levels with a naturally aspirated, stock bottom end 302 with a TFS top end kit. Please keep in mind that the horsepower ratings assigned to those kits are crank horsepower ratings, measured before the parasitic drag of all of the rotational mass of the car's accessories and transmission. Rear wheel horsepower numbers for that particular top end kit should be somewhere in the neighborhood of 280 horsepower, assuming you have a dyno tune and the rest of the necessary supporting bolt-ons.

    If you'd like to maximize your "bang for the buck" performance, optimize power, torque, and still maintain driveability and fuel efficiency look into having a combo designed around a custom camshaft by one of the top grinders. Guys like Jay Allen of Camshaft Innovations and Ed Curtis of Flowtech Induction will put a smile on your face for sure. Good luck.
  3. I would use the afr 165`s and cobra intake for a mild 302 combo, if your going to a larger cam the other would be good.
    I have seen guys put the trick flow h/c/i top end kit on there car and not run as good as some of the stock stuff out there.
  4. forgot to mention the 150 shot of nos that i run now.:jaw:
  5. it is a great kit and well worth the money. you will spend hundreds more putting something else together. the kit comes with everything you need, including timing chain and all gaskets. i made 290 rwhp and 325 pounds torque on a mustang dyno with no tune. after about a year or so later, i put a s-trim on toop of it and with low boost, around 7 psi at 5200 rpm i made 390 rwhp and close to the same torque on the same dyno. that was on my old 302 and not my new setup
  6. what lol? when you say guys, how many GUYS? stock h/c/i wont outperform trick flow intake and twisted wedge heads. sorry
  7. Thanks I thought so, also what do you think about the Kit on my stock Bottom with my 150 Shot of NOS. What kind of RWHP can i expect as i see that with no NOS you got 290 as stated

    i made 290 rwhp and 325 pounds torque on a mustang dyno 

    Thanks Matt
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  9. The stock parts im talking about are like explorer or gt40 heads explorer intake or cobra intake, not e7`s or ho intake.
    And yes I have raced against cars with the trick flow kit that had a hard time running 13.50`s. Im sure many run better, but I have also seen stock bottom end stock cam with explorer heads and intake run 12.70`[email protected]
    I do not put much faith in your beloved trick flow kit.
  10. You're trying to make an apples to apples comparison with too many variables involved. Variables like traction and driver skill play a huge part in 60 foot times, 1/4 times and ETs on a race track. Not everyone's car has a lexan windshield and lives life 1320 feet at a time. There are plenty of members on here deep into the 12s on factory Ford parts with traction and the skill to make the car do what they want it to do. I'm sure there are also guys on here with 400 horsepower who spin the tires, pull 2.4 60' and run 14s all day. The OP is asking about proven, power-making combinations on a stock bottom end 302. Check my sig for one.
  11. No the OP was asking about the trick flow top end kit AND OTHER h/c/i combo`s as well, and the gt or p heads and cobra intake is a good COMBO for under $1000
    And $2500 for a lousy 306 rwhp lol.
  12. The TFS kit is a great kit. You can always build up your own kit from off the shelf parts but for the price, the tfs kit cannot be beat. Only suggestion is to get lifters which the kit doesn't include. I don't have any numbers but it is definately way more powerful than stock.
  13. Alright guy, I didn't buy a Trick Flow top end kit. I had my combo specifically designed to make that power level around a custom cam grind, and without tearing into my stock shortblock to flycut pistons, etc. I ASKED for around 300 horsepower and torque. My car also has ZERO idle issues, pulls HARD, and gets 21 mpg on the highway. You sound really mature laughing at someone else's power levels wthout knowing the full story. I'm curious to see a dyno sheet for your combo, so I can laugh at the amount of money you paid for 29 more ci and power levels that are more than likey way under 400 hp.
  14. i can say the same,my 302 had GT40P heads and a cobra (OEM) intake cam L/T's 19# injectors 70MM T.B 76MM C&L and i ran 12.8 with 1.6 60' the guy who built the car ran 12.2's. that combo dyno'd 301/338 no chip just f'd with the fuel pressure and the timming. I would do my old combo instead of $2000+ for the trick flow kit.or visit the track watch the stangs run and see what there combo is,syspension and motor. Cause remember you can have 600 RWHP and spin all day long run a big whooping 15sec pass from no traction!If you were to put a 150 shot on the car i'd say at the wheels 400/450 ish. peace


  15. my buddy has the 360hp top end kit (tfs tw heads, stg 1 cam, street heat intake) on his stock shortblock car. it makes [email protected] i think that intake is a restriction. i say this because i have another buddy with a dss 306 w/ flattops with the same heads, an f cam, and a tfs track heat and it makes 330rwhp. thats a big difference for having close to the same compression, displacement and exactly the same heads.

    if it were mine, id buy some tfs tw's, and run whatever cam and intake Jay at camshaft innovations recommends.
  16. i dynoed 323/341 on tfs heads, eddy rpm, and custom cam......on only 10 degrees timing!....gonna head back to my tuner and see how much more i can get with advanced timing.....and to add a nitrous tune :) ohh yeah this is on my 95
  17. Dang! Stout numbers for sure! Were the heads out of the box stock or any work done to em? Would like to hear what you get with some timing in that thing!
  18. I think its amazing how people are so stupid that they look at PEAK hp. I would much rather have a setup up like yours that makes all around good AVERAGE hp. Who cares if a persons car makes 400 peak hp if the avg hp is only 95! AVG hp beats peak hp!
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