Mach 1 Stock Mach 1 Vs stock LS1

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  1. ok....whatever dude. I guess I'll listen to the almighty racing guru (sarcasm)
  2. I own a mach1 and my bro owns an 02 slp ss his is auto and mine is manual. were neck a neck at the drag but It all comes down to the driver, yes the ss is a faster car but I'll have to hang with the mach 1 over the gm product. I now one thing and that is that my mach one well out handel that camero anyday lol

  3. Actually the Fbodies have better handling than the Mach. It's because of the panhard bar and torque arm. It keeps the rear from swaying underneath the car unlike the 4 cross link system on the Mustang. The guys who road race go to the aftermarket torque arm and panhard setups.

    The Mustangs "feel" like they handle better.
  4. mach 1 vs ls1

    if you can drive at all you can smoke an LS1 abuddy of mine has a 01 Bullit with CAI and MAF and thats it he Smoked a 00 SS. and he tells me my car is faster than his so there ya go besides LS1 equipped cars are hevier and the Mach 1 was made to kill at straight line races.
  5. I'm not going to argue the points but I sort of agree with 54life. For those of us that don't have piles of cash for track time and /or the time to go, the street is our playground. and for all the fun the track is in my opinion it dosen't offer the adrinaline pumping satisfaction of slayin another car on the street. I'm not saying that my car will beat an LS1 every time, or at all at the strip. But I still love the satisfaction of beating them on the street at a light or rolling start for that matter. I know that camero's have been punishing fords for years and for owners like my self have been looking for better ways of keeping up. and the Mach 1 is definatly for real in a straight line contest that is what it was made for and I love mine. I still give much love to chevy products bug cubes are still the way to go, but i'll take my 4V 4.6 and try my hardest.
  6. :lol: :rlaugh: So you are saying a GT (thats a bullit powerwise) with MAF and CAI can take an LS1? Thanks for the laugh dude. Obviously the kid in the SS cant drive. Mach's are made to kill instraightline, versus the solid reared fbodies that werent? This thread actually had some good level headiness toward the end till you chimed in. Thanks for the laugh!
  7. actually the bullit and gt differ quite a bit in the power aspect. ford has changer their power claim for the bullit numerous times the last quote i saw was in the 280-289 range so a bullit will take a gt easy and like oters in this arguement I never said this was at the strip or that the drivers were of the same skill my friend with the bullit has some experience I dont know about the guy with the ss I was just making a comment. is that illegal around here? or do I have to be a senior member to have a real opinion?
  8. did I ever say that f bodies werent? no. I said that mach 1s were as opposed to other attempts by ford. The cobra couldn't match the camero for years. but it's IRS isnt made to drag its made to perform handeling wise so next time you want to bash someones opinion quote them correctly I have nothin against f bodies I'm just a ford man myself just like your a GM guy. tthere isnt anything wrong with a little friendly riverlry. but for God's sake man cant we all just get along?
  9. I'll make this easy for you. You claim a Mach can smoke an LS1...which we know isnt true. However, I commented because of your reasoning. Here is your reasoning:

    1. Your friends bullit with CAI and MAF (~240rhwp) smoked an SS, so a Mach1 should too. - A bullit wont touch an LS1 unless the LS1's driver doesnt know how to drive plain and simple. So throw that reasoning out the window.

    2. "and he tells me my car is faster than his so there ya go besides LS1 equipped cars are hevier and the Mach 1 was made to kill at straight line races." - OK, so your saying your mach is faster than this bullit that supposedly spanks 1 LS1 because the guy couldnt drive. So your using the 1+1 =2 method here. If he beat the SS and he says I am faster than him, then I too should beat the SS. Why do we bother racing then if we know the outcome? I dont doubt that you'll win some and lose some against stock LS1's, but because a slower car (bullit) beats a faster car one time, you assume thats the norm. Well thats where you are wrong.

    3. "besides LS1 equipped cars are hevier and the Mach 1 was made to kill at straight line races." - Well, LS1's vary from 3400-3550, so think what you like. Remember these weights though. I dont know what a Mach1 weighs, but I'd assume 3400lbs is reasonable. Weight would be neglegibl;e if thats the case, unless you have a hardtop verse a vert or something.

    If I go spank a viper tomorrow because the guy cant drive, should I tell my dad who owns a C5 that he too can smoke vipers? No...
  10. ok i'll admit that my first statement was stupid . your right just because he did it once shouldn't make it a given. but what I said about the Mach for the straight line isn't because I like to brag I have read numerous articles andreviews of the Mach that said this was ford's idea about straight line performance that is. Oh and my bad my buddie he also has a diablo chip and a 50 shot of nitros just found that out, oops :shrug: anyway no hard feelings
  11. One other thing LS1 is an engine designation if i'm not mistaken Right? not a car designation, meaning a Z28, SS, Corvette all have LS1 engines. The difference is the level of performance if I'm not mistaken when they still made camero's the z28's best HP was 305 the SS was 320-330 range and the vette well we all know they are out of our league. So saying a stock LS1 will always beat a stock Mach is pushing it a little isn't it I mean the last LS1 equipped Z28 came with almost exactly the same power figures as the mach and the SS only had a hand full more ponies hell put a good cat back on and your right in the mix. so when we say LS1 why don't we clear up which LS1 were talking about it will be easier for arguements sake any way. no like anyone is going to give any ground we all have our favorites so lets just let it go and suffice to say we'll all win some of the time and lose some of the time no car is invencible. :nice:
  12. Of course no hard feelings. I figured something was up with the bullit if he is close to stock and beating an LS1.
  13. I will be the first to agree an fbody LS1 and Mach1 are indeed a driver's race. you'll win some and lose some. As far as power levels, you cant go by that for either car. A mach will dyno anywhere from 275-285rwhp stock on average when given a 305hp rating. A 98-00 fbody M6 dynos between 290-300rwhp on average and 01-02's dyno 300-310rwhp on average. Did you see Horsepower TV yesterday? They dynoed a stock 98 SS (rated @ 320hp from the factory) with 80k miles and it dynoed 300rwhp stock. They added a catback (crapmaster!), lid, TB and plug wires (which dont do anything) and finished with 319rwhp. Not bad.
  14. Cool. so were good then? I'm not tryin to get into somthing here, I made a rash claim on my first post and have been trying to make up for it since. I just want you to know that I'm not as stupid as my early post may have seemed.
  15. :banana: Not a problem dude. They are all domestic muscle! We are all on the same enthusiasts. The problem with the internet is people hear something once, and they will believe it to be true. If I didnt say something about the bullit beating a stock LS1, then i guarantee there would be a certain amount of people that read that and think a well driven LS1 will lose to a close to stock GT/Bullit. i am glad you researched it more and found out the rest of that guys mods. Resolution is good. :)
  16. WHAT KIND OF LS1 are you racing?

    i have a stock 2000 WS6 with the A4 auto. and stock at 1,800 above sea level it runs 13.2 and 13.3 all day. i never did anything to this car.

    this car also has the stock 3:23 gears and aluminum drive shaft.and the WS6 has a different cam then the regular z-28 and trans am plus the camaro SS is .02 tens slower then the WS6 . plus them other guys got 2:93 gears. and they dont have ram air.

    now when you talk about LS1 ,the GTO has 350HP and the vette has 345HP.

    Don't get me wrong im a great lover of mustangs i had a 99LX 5.0 convertable (green and black top) and a 99GT. both in the 14,s

    as far as handling goes a WS6 Trans Am will kill any mustang in handling. WS6 is a motor and suspension package. regular Z i would bet on the mach

    and may i add then when i goto the track i dont even see cobra run in the 13,0's inless there 03 or 04 cobras

    so to sum up your awnser:
    IF u have a mack1 it all depends what kind of ls1` u race. if both stock ,they will all get you but u have a better chance versus the z-28

    in order the LS1 goes like this fastest : Vette or ws6
    trans am
    may i add that the a4 auto is faster then the m6 manual in the 1/4 mile to

    the reson why stangs are kinda slow isnt that they have 305 HP and a good WS6 has 300HP its that the LS1 is a bigger motor and the 4.6 just aint got the tourque. i dont give a **** how much HP u got its tourque that moves a car

    a LS1 is like a big block agist a small block 4.6

    i know that 1998 cobras that have the same HP as the mach1 4v 305HP only runs in the 14,s
    so if u race a LS1 pick a z-28 with a stick and if there both stock u will loose anyhow. later guys
  17. So did you actually do a search to pull up this relic of a thread :Teh-Win:
  18. He had to get his opinion out there. :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  19. Reading this thread gave me a headahe. I read almost every thread and I have come to a few conclusions. Both mustangs and camaros, vettes and cobras and whatever you wanna compare are fast cars. They are all American so that makes me real happy. Why are we fighting, I for one hate ricers, not American made cars. I dont uderstand how this argument went on for this long. I suck at driving, I am sure a geo metro could beat me. As many people said, it comes down to the driver. Obviously I am a Ford fan, I own two mustangs. Would I ever own a Camaro or WS-6, yes I would. Why dont I now? - the price. Someone said something about muscle car wars, come on give me a break. Not to make more people angry or whatever, but where are camaro's and WS-6 now? Obvisouly Ford did something right if they are still selling cars. Again, Chevy and Ford, in my opinion, make/made great cars. Two of my favorite muscle cars are the Mustang (67 gt500, 69 boss 429) and the 1970 Chevelle SS. So why dont we hate the pos ricers that have fart cans for exhaust. Sorry to make this a long post, I thought I deserved it since I read every post in this 9 page thread.

    PS- If you dont like Fords or Mustangs, dont come to this forum