Mach 1 Stock Mach 1 Vs stock LS1

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  1. Here is the problem everyone is having. What you or your friend consider an average LS1 driver probably isnt average. They are probably poor drivers. On the street, you cant tell reaction time and 60' time. yeah, you can say you beat an LS1 who is an average driver because maybe he spun off the line a little. thats fine. The problem is that unless you can see a time slip and actually see that he pulled 2.6-2.9 60' or see who got the jump off the line reaction time wise. YOUR experience may be that during a steet race YOU'VE noticed that the mach1's YOU have seen win the majority of the races. That is fine. What the rest of us KNOW is that if you go to the track and see #'s its a different story.

    Wow...a decent post without flaming :)
  2. well my problem with that is the fact that street racing is the same thing as on the track except theres no time slip.....if I see a mach 1 race a camaro and beat it 3 times in a row and I know the drivers personally then you know what the mach 1 is faster then the camaro. You people think that I've never been to the track in my life either.....sure I haven't been in a while but I am in a fast track school right now for a year straight and study about 2 1/2 hours a night and even on weekends....I've got boxes of **** for my car that I can't even install right now. So unless things have changed in the last 3 months.....i dunno. The only reason I flamed you is because you called me an idiot....I'm actually pretty well going. As for me having something against gm maybe but I used to run with a camaro pack back in the day. Old dude had a supercharged z28 with all bolt ons and slicks on all four tires that we used to race down kaanan road in southern cali.....i dunno. From what I see the mach is faster....and as for the typical camaro racer......they typically are inexperienced....they think (like many people) that the z28 is invincible and try to jump in the ring....but sit there spinning and damn near crash. I will tell you that is my honest opinion that ford is light years ahead of chevy technology wise. So as long as people don't try to attack me we can have a civilized debate about the subject at hand......peace
  3. the fact that street racing is the same thing as on the track

    I will not say anything. That statement says it all right there. :rlaugh:
  4. 54life, please don't take that the wrong way, but you seriously believe that street racing and track racing are the same thing? That statement just puts an end to everything. No real drag racer will ever take you seriously with that above statement.
  5. get outta here rookie...your fuggin with the wrong bull.....what's the difference between racing 1320 on the street vs the track? A believe anything other than that and your kidding yourself. Oh and you consider yourself a real drag racer don't you? You probably paid someone to put your exhaust on didn't you?
  6. threats and personal insults, good ones.

    What should I say to that??? :scratch:
  7. whatever dude...tell me how the strip is some much different than the street and how much of an idiot I am. Where did the strip come from? Uhhhh street racing.
  8. Never said you where an idiot, your purchased a cobra didn't you, :nice: you've got the right mods to make that thing a 12sec beast. What I'm simpling pointing out is on the street, everybody has their excuses as to why someone either won or lost the race. That argument will go both ways with no real winners. At the strip, if someone has an ls1 that has a good reaction time, a good 60 foot, and runs a 13.6 @105mph next to Mach 1 with similar occurances with the only differences being that maybe the mach 1 ran 13.4 @ 106 mph, then their is not much that an owner of an Ls1 can argue about. He had the same benefit that the other driver had. Now that's a good argument. But you saying that you see more mach 1 winning street races, well, somebody else will come along and say that where he/she is from it's the other way around and then it becomes a liar/liar situation. :(

    again I'll I said was don't get worked up over what people believe. If your buddies mach 1 is kicking ls1 @$$ well good for him. Don't worry what somebody else believes.
  9. on the street if you win you win. The track is fun also....but it's not as exciting as on the street. I know the two are close.
  10. I think what Tama is saying about the track is that there are a ont less vaiables. You both go based on the light (and if your slower reaction wise it shows up on the slip), both have the opportunit for good traction, and the distance to run is set (1/4 mile). I lost a race a few months ago going up hill from a yield. I was in1st gear doing about 15mph. i gave a new GT a 30mph run at me and as soon as he was at my door (flying by 15mph more than me) I mashed it. I spun staright till 3rd gear with him a multitude of car legths a head of me. By the time we hit a light a I was about 5 feet off his bumper and running by him. No doubt i would have put 5 lengths on him in the 1/4. He beat me in the street race for sure (with me giving him some advantages), but I would have eatin' him up and spit him out in the 1/4.

    At the track i beat a fox body at the finish line by a carlength, but he had a faster ET by a tenth. the reason was I got him from the tree. He was indeed quicker ET wise but he was slowe to react to the start of the race. There are so many variables.

    People have different experiences in different area. Up here most of the mach's run mid 13's and most of the LS1's run low 13's stock. The LS1's that run mid to high 13's here have poor drivers because they still easily tap 105-106mph even with those crappy runs (bad 60's). Like Tama said, you say in your area the Mach seems to be winning, in my area thats not the case. Even the guy that posted his mach beating the LS1 video on svt forums. He is from MA and won, but I posted I'd set up a race with some bolt-on LS1's and he didnt reply (not that I am aware of). This is why I like the track, the race has a set finish and there are numbers. If a mach beats an LS1 (lets say 13.3 versus a 13.5 second run), but the trap for the mach is 105 and the LS1 is 107, that tells me the better driver won and not the faster car. This was an example to show how numbers can tell the whole story.

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  11. by street racing I am not talking about light to light.....usually we race more than 1320.....out by the broccoli fields in southern cali which span a great distance
  12. Glad we got this settled. :nice:

    54, If me and my car ever happen to be in southern Cali...I'd be more than happy to run your buddy's Mach (or you) out by the broccoli fields. Only in good fun though. :)
  13. I'll run you.....I'm not affraid :cheers:
  14. It's good to see the other side giving some props where due! What's the new LS6 vette rated at, 450? :nice:
  15. there is no new ls6 rated vette yet :(. guestimates are that a z06 c6 vette will be out in 2006 (one year after the c6 starts sales). but the c6 is rated 400/400, so probably atleast 450/450 (the c5 was rated 350/350 and then zo6 was 405/400 i believe).
  16. I saw 400 in I think it was motor trend. I hope to god that it puts out 450 due to the specs of the motor....if it doesn't then that is sad.....cobra with exhaust and intake will still rule it.....especially with gearing
  17. Don't confuse the LS6 with the C6.

    '01 Z06 was rated at 385/385. '02-'04 Z06 was rated at 405/400. The LS6 can also be found in the CTS-V, rated at 400/395.

    The C6 has the LS2, rated at 400/400. The C6 Z06 will not be released until '06 or '07 (I've heard both). The rumor is, the next Z06 will have a N/A 427ci under the hood...making somewhere around 500hp (give or take). I can almost guarantee that this 427 will not be called an LS6 (because it's not an LS6).

    I will not get into it with you again... :)

    But if you're thinking it should make 450hp...then start considering it sad.

    However, you should remember that this just a base Vette. 400hp/400tq is plenty of power for most Vette owners...go up to 450ish, I'll bet some potential owners would start shying away from the car. GM will save the extra power for the the Vette guys will have a choice. Is 400hp enough or do you need more?
  18. Like everyone else said the new base corvette C6 does have 400hp/400tq and has already run a 12.5 @ 115mph> We all know how these mag testers drive, so expect 12.2-12.3 in stock form and 115-117mph traps. It will most likely take atleast a pulley around here for an 03 cobra to run with a well driven C6. Pulley'd cobras are typically running 116-118mph with minor bolt-ons. Full exhaust/intake/pullied cobras are running closer to 120mph. I hope to see some C6's at the track before it closes in October.

    Now the ZO6 (or they may call it ZO7...who knows) should be in the 500hp range to compete with the viper. Expect mid to low 11's out of the box.
  19. don't forget about the 06 cobra and lightning.....500 horsepower. Or the 440 gtr version if it happens to make production. Did you see top gears review of the new vette. Holy s h i t did they slam the hell out of it....made it seem like pure s h i t. I'd hate to hear their review on the cobra. Wow this post has over 5000 views. The horsepower ceiling has to be capped here soon or not even a 40 year old man will be able to afford insurance.
  20. Racing on the street is about as close to racing at the strip as an '03 Cobra is to a stock 80's Escort GT... :rlaugh:

    Yeah, they're both the same thing... :rolleyes: