Subs and budget

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  1. hey your best bet would really be to go with around a 600 watt monoblock amp, check around ebay and see if u can still find a bp 600.1 and i dont know what you have for space but a kicker 12l7 in a ported box will give you plenty of nice clean bass, and you can get a kicker spec box also if you cant build one or find a friend to for you
  2. I use eclipse 130w2 amp running mono at 400w and it works great and the amps run about a 100 on ebay. I have never had a problem with them. A cheap sub that i used and worked good was the infinity perfect 12. Great price on ebay. Im using an Image Dynamics IDQ12 now.
  3. lol, alot of you guys dont know **** about sound systems.

    id get an eclipse 8445 for $315
    1 alpine type R 12" (the 2005 model)
    and a orion 1200D running at 2 ohms.
  4. appearantly you dont know sh1t either :nonono:

  5. :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :owned:
  6. i dont see you making any suggestions...

    and whats this "2000 watt stereo" you speak of in your sig?
  7. you really dont come around here much, do a search and you will find the answer to your question iskwiewwhatever answers everyones questions and is very knowledgeable.
  8. I dont make suggestions sometimes because it always turns into a name dropping contest from people that dont know jack but a name.I have been in the car audio industry way too long to argue the same point.You recommended the Alpine Type R???I can have my buddy that works at Alpine tell you why they get so many back,but you''ll say,yeah "but mine kicks ass".

    I can show you my most recent work,but why?My system in my Mustang is a basic system,L'5s,fiberglass box,6 pairs of 2/3 way's,2 amps.My truck has 4 L5's 12" in a blow through,2000 watts on bass,800 on highs,5 t.v's,Navigation,PS 2,DVD,satelite tv and radio.My boat has 2 15" cervin vega strokers,4 Pioneer 6X9's/4 Pioneer 6.5" and 4 amps,4000 watts on bass and 1600 on highs,my Sea Doo has 2 4" in the mirrors and 1 8" and 2 6X9's and 1 4 ch amp.I dont know everything,but I know enough to know when to give my opinion and when not to.

  9. Another supporter of the MTX stuff here. I've had two systems dealing with subwoofers powered by them too. My first setup had 2 8000's 12". I sold that to my brother and now I have two 9500 Sledgehammers powered by the almighty 1501D alternator killer (hah). It's some serious stuff, however, my suggestion would be to power 2 subs with 2 amps, that is a mistake I made with the 9500's, those things are power HUNGRY!

  10. Yes i recommend one 12" type R. The 2005 model, this year they really stepped up. Dont bash a speaker until youve heard it.
  11. Here is my suggetion to you:
    -Any HU you want for around $200 (preferably Alpine, Pioneer, or Eclipse)
    -1 12" Soundsplinter RL-p ($235)
    -Elemental Designs 9.1 ($350 shipped)

    Link to sub: If you never heard of them go to some online audio forums and search them.
    Link to amp: Another one you probably haven't heard of. This is a little more than you wanted to spend but will be well worth it.
  12. I guess I don't know s**t either, but I've got ALL McIntosh. Any questions?
  13. Cadence,Adire,MMats..... need i say more, looking at post i can tell few peeps who do know whats going on, and Alpine HAHAHAHA, sorry but mass produced CRAP is just not the thing to trust. Kia mass producese hahaha. you got a Kia of the sound world. Get something that takes time with quality not rush it out the door make it look flashy and sell on looks. who knows bout Cadence and Adire???
  14. You think Cadence isnt mass produced???You want me to show the packaging we used to use and compare the art work and see if it came from Namsung Korea????Adire im not too familiar with,MMat some high quality stuff.

  15. R15150.4.wmv

    that single type r 15 did a 150.4....which is OBVIOUSLY pure crap.
  16. i have a Infinity 120.3DVC 12" Sub and it's more than enough bass for a casual listener.

    i listen to various music from rock / metal / old school rap / r&b / funk and it always sounds great.

    i'm powering it with a Rockford Fosgate 451S amp and it has provided plenty of power.
  17. So Cadence amps are no good
  18. yes,for the money,they are a very good choice.They come out of the same factory as the old company i worked for,the amps we sold outlasted,outperformed many name brand amps.But the comment was"they arent mass produced".
  19. A new question, would a mono block Cadence amp work for the dual 4 ohm S15L7 kicker sub? I bought the sub off ebay from 'electronic headquarters' (a sell2all company) they are out of stock as of now, I'll ask for a refound right before paypal doesn't cover it anymore if they don't send it.

    So will a mono block amp from Cadence power the sub, and not hurt the sub.