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  1. thinkin of buying a supercharger for my 97 pretty set on the procharger but kinda confused on the diff kinds. what boost level would be acceptable on a stock block????
    iv noticed on superchargers4less that they have a kit with a p600b and 1 with a p-1sc what is the diff...they are both making 6 psi of boost
    also who has the best prices on these damn things?!
  2. The p-1sc doesn't need the oil pan to be tapped since it has a self contained oiling reservoir...the p600b needs the oil pan tapped to deliver oil to the blower...
  3. I wouldn't run any more than 10lbs of boost on a stock short block. That's also assuming your going to get a "real tune" by a reputable tuner. If your not planing on rebuilding in the future I would probably just put a 8lb kit on and have fun with it!
  4. You should be fine at 10.
    Personally, for me it only worth blowing if you're gonna go at least 8 lbs. 6 isn't even worth it.

    I'm very impressed with procharger...good choice.

    If you want a "real" custom tune:

    Go with a superchips custom tune.
    They make files regularly for Magnuson (Eaton), Vortech and Procharger and are experts with supercharging stock vehicles.

  5. Also, if you have an option for IC or not IC....go with the intercooled kit. I've had fun with a few intercooled ATI vettes.......they run nice.

    It's WAYYY more efficient than the "aftercooler" on the Vortech kits. All that damn thing does is disrupt airflow.
    Oh, it'll work 1/4 mile at a time with the "icebox" filled.

    Not saying Vortech doesn't have a quality product (minus that damn aftercooler), I'm just much more impressed with procharger.

  6. yes i would have to agree here, the ATI procharger is a great sc, and i would definately reccomend the intercooler, it makes a world of difference, my dad has a stock vette with ati procharger, runnin 10 lbs and also has a very mild cam for blower applications and lts and catback, and that thing is a beast.. procharger may be a little more than others, but hell, spend a few hundred more for the sc, or a few thousand more for a new engine
  7. Not that all sc are the same but its the tune that kills the engine not the sc. To many guys bolt on a sc with the manufacturers tune, not good! Thats what I mean by get a real tune! I know that sc are more expensive for gm products but why???
  8. I have had my Procharger on my 99 for a for a few weeks and it's great, after it got dyno-tuned. The chip suppied with the kit sucks and will get you stranded, so a good tune is a must. I have stock internals with 10# pulley, on a cold day it pulls around 14-16 lbs. You will love the Procharger setup with 3 core intercooler, I would recommend the 10lb just my $.02. Also ditch the pump supplied with the kit and get a 03 fuel pump.
  9. I agree.
    go 10 LBS intercooled and it's all about the tune!

    Get it dyno tuned (by someone who knows what they are doing and has a serious reputation)...and watch that AFR!

    You should be at 12.0:1 (ideally) all the way through the WOT run...maybe wit a slightly richer dip when you first punch it.
    Any leaner and it isn't safe; any richer and you're slow.
    13.0:1 is too lean and not acceptable.
    Also, if you have the time....check stock timing with a scan tool under various conditions and check it again after they are done with the tune.

  10. Make sure you keep about 4 grand in reserve for the rebuild, I have seen ultra conservative tunes done on these babies by reputable tuners self destruct within months, especially an engine with 47,gs on the clock, the land rings on these pistons are made of paper mache, hope it doesnt happen to you but be prepared :) :)
  11. I had a 6-pound Ford Motorsport blower on my 95 cobra and noticed a big difference. Went from a flat 15 to mid 13’s in the ¼ mile. If you drive this car everyday I would stay with an 8 pound if you were planning on keeping it for some time. Just my practical two cents.

    And don’t underestimate the importance of the TUNE! :nice:

  12. appreciate every1s input i am prob gonna go with the procharger 8 psi kit just to keep it safe or maybee even a 6 psi. any1 know of any good tuners around the jacksonville fl area??
  13. 6 psi isn't worth it in my opinion.

    good luck
  14. I agree that 5-6 lbs isn't worth it.
    Go at least 8, but I recommend 10 intercooled.
    If you don't go 10, you will end up dong so later so just do it now =o)

    As for Prochargers chips....
    I don't know who tunes for their chip they provide.
    I know Superchips does Vortech and Eaton/Magnuson (not in all cases though), but does not have a relationship with ATI Procharger at this time.
    They have tuned quite afew cars with prochargers but only on custom applications with a dyno tune.

    Anyone know who does Prochargers supplied chips?
  15. regardless of who does who's chips, i think people are crazy if the buy any SC and bolt it on with the supplied chip. GET A REAL TUNE BY A REAL TUNER PEOPLE!