Suspension Set Up 91 Mustang

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  1. Just wonder if anybody has this similar setup. Currently have upr kmember with 14 inch 150 springs with strange single adjustable struts
    Rear I have viking double adj. Shocks Along with team z anti roll team z upper strip series stock springs. Trying to get my 60 ft better.
    Best pass before trying this new set up was 10 .51 @ 128 1.47 60ft.
    So my question is any suggestions on what numbers to set fronts at an what to set compression at an rebound. I was gona start at 6 on the front an 3 on rear compression an 14 on rebond. Also have pinion angle set at -2 degrees..
  2. What rear tires? Stick or automatic?
  3. What about better control arms, torque box reinforcements, solid housing bushings, ditch the front sway bar, move battery to trunk.
  4. Trans is a c4 supercomp no transbrake .28x10.5 x15mickeythompson slicks.
    430 gears. Battery is located to trunk sway bar is off,have the heavy duty torque boxes . Only thing I dont have is adjustable lower control arms. I have the uppers which are team z strip series with solid spherical bushings.....
    Wud like to dig deeper with learning more about where my center of gravity is, percentage of rise instant center all that stuff that I dont know nothing about an if itwill even help improve my 60ft.
    Thanks for the replies. Any other advice or maybe im just shootin for the moon, my goal was getting low 1.4 60fts
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  5. Start shedding some weight?
  6. I got the weight of the car down to 2955 with me in it. I got an extra 60 lbs out of the car by scraping the entire floor front to back. I dont no what you wana call that hard tar like material used for road noise. Im surprised on how much that stuff adds up.was debating on removing the heater box an defrost blower fan an all that good stuff under dash. But its kinda a trade off on doing that I still drive car once in a while to a local car show . So its kinda nice nowing I still have defrost just incase...

    Anybody have the rear fiberglass hatch? Was wondering how well they fit
  7. You are going to have to take some measurements and do the math to find out what the instant center is. Without that information, any adjustments are a real crapshoot. Also a video of the car launching would help determine what direction to go. How much rear tire pressure are you running? What is the weight percentages front to back?
    My friends 93' vert @ 3340lbs on only a 26X8.5 tire has gone a best of 1.29 60'. But we could not have got there without knowing all of the other stuff first and taking video of the car launching and watching in slow motion to know what the car is doing.
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  9. The instant center is way to far forward. A few ways to adjust this is (1) to raise the nose of the car. (2) is to lower the attaching point at the rear diff of the lower control arms. I don't know how much is too much or too little air pressure for your application on that size tire, but we run 14 psi on the 26X8.5 Hoosier that we run. Again a video of the rear of the car on launch would really help see what is happening and make adjustments from there. You want the rear of the car to raise up on launch. If the rear of the car raises, then it is pushing the rear tires into the ground. If the rear of the car squats on launch, then the car is trying to pull the tires off the ground and up into the chassis. Initially full loose on front struts, on the rear as a baseline, loose on extension and tighter on compression. Without seeing the car launch, I can only guess if this would work for you.
  10. Thanks for the info i changed the picture of my car in my profile ,it shows my car launching.thats about the only picture I have of it for now. Fun ford weekend is coming up at maplegrove so im gona get some good video of my car launching an go from their.
  11. I was try to add more photos of my car but I didn't see anyplace to download more photos. Im kinda old skool, I dont mess with computers a lot but I dont see anyplace on here to add photos
  12. And that picture is with my old suspension on. That was with stock rear shocks eibach drag launch springs w/air bags an the front was stock kmember with Lakewood 90/10's I guess what im getting at is that pass my 60ft was a 1.47 10.51 @128 mph.
    With my new suspension set up my best 60ft so far was 1.55 so I definitely have some tuning to do
  13. You absolutely need some good lower control arms. I'd love to see some video of the car leaving.

    I suspect your issue is far less about instant center and far more about the torque converter, but we'll see.
  14. Im Just you work for upr ?
    I ordered a bunch of supension parts late one sunday nite an kinda think I was talking to you. Not really going anywhere with that, I was just curious if I was on thephone with you.
  15. Fiberglass hood and hatch with lexan windows will help a lot. I would not recommend fiberglass doors since you do drive it on the street. Not enough weight savings for the money on fiberglass fenders IMHO. However, I saved a TON of weight taking the doors from my race car, gutting them, putting a permanent lexan window in and an aluminum door panel. I would go ahead and get the lower control arms too. Something else to maybe look at:
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  16. Yea that thought crossed my mind. I have transmission specialties 10" xhd 3600 stall.
    I can only hold the car around 2500rpms before it starts pushing my car forward.
    Im gona do some test n tuning down at maplegrove this coming weekend. American Muscle is having their event their this year.
    I was talking to frank that works for team Z motorsports an he was saying I shud really cut one coil off the stock springs, again conversation came back to this instant center.
    I dont no...I bin racing mustangs since 1994 an never worried about IC but I ran stk shift up until a year ago so I never had 60ft issues.
    I know this is a never ending topic with so many variables, i'll just keep messin with it till I get it dialed in. Thanks for all the feed back
  17. I would do some rear coil overs as well
  18. Yes, I work for UPR. No I don't think IC is as some people make it sound. One of my customers has been 1.10 60-foot time on 275s with bolt on UPR suspension, not the relocation stuff which some companies sell.

    And I don't recommend rear coilovers on a fox unless it's being mini-tubbed. I have an adjustable rear spring kit which doesn't sacrifice tire clearance like the stock location coilovers do, and it's better than hacking your existing springs.
  19. TeamZ also has rear "stock" drag springs fwiw. I just bought some. Haven't installed yet or been to the track this year. Just an FYI.