Suspension Set Up 91 Mustang

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  1. I get what you are saying on the rear coil overs, Sharad but, I was just suggesting the rear coil overs for the wider range/ease of adjustability. I have installed the Eibach drag launch kit (and similar ones) several times and every time it is a royal pain in the ass and, honestly, I had better results with factory springs or going old school with 4cyl springs in the front and stockers in the rear.

    Quite frankly, after reading the whole thread again, I think better lower control arms, solid housing bushings, really visit the torque converter thought and, most of all, practice. No one has mentioned practice. Granted, he probably has considerable time at the track like most of us but, who won't benefit from more practice? A few more HP probably wouldn't hurt too.

    For what it's worth, I had my 04 cutting 1.80 60' on stock sized Sumitomo's and 1.65 60' on my drag radials and all I had was UPR upper/lower control arms, solid housing bushings, 4.10's, factory springs and VERY basic bolt ons. I got there with practice.
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