SVT Cobra on Ebay...Do We Know This Person?

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  1. Not sure but dang that's clean! Makes my car look like a dirty pos. :nonono:
  2. Nice car but I HIGHLY doubt they'll ever get the buy it now price, cobra or not.
  3. i think that is a pretty good buy at that price for as clean as tha car is and low miles too
  4. Good price or not you are VERY unlikely to find someone with the cash for that car. Due to its age you will be hard pressed to find any lending institutions to loan you $15K for a car that is 10 years old, especially when the book value for the car is only in the $6-$9K range at best.
  5. I think it could be worth more actually. I have been to quite a few car shows with my 94, and have been offered from 14k to 20k on many occasions. I almost let her go with the 20k offer, but I just have too much work into her. I just sold the seats out of the car on ebay. I had a Buy it Now of 700 bucks. I thought that was high, but they only lasted 7 hours. I boxed um up today. Corbeaus should be her in a few days. People just place different value on things I guess.

    This car is pretty nice. I wouldn't mind some of those mods myself. Too bad the guy is selling such a beautiful machine. Makes me wonder why its for sale to be honest.
  6. I agree as stated in my previous post.

    If you have good credit, you can get a lending company to finance anything. I know for a fact, Capitol One will do it. If you qualify for a pre-approved loan with them, they don't care what you buy. Any car, any year, as long as it has a title. My dad bought an 94 Cobra Convert. That anniversary addition car. It only had 29 miles on it. Got pre approved for 25k through Cap one. He paid half in cash, but he didn't have too. Only 5.9% at that for 60 months.
  7. He is right. Good credit means y0ou can buy anything you want.
    BTW its a nice car. I still like mine more lol.
  8. Paul, it could be someone like me that buys it (although it wont)...with an equity line of credit.

    If that car is not beat up, it is worth it in terms of look how much we spend modding our cars.

    ALL it needs is some more bling under the hood :nice:
  9. i understand pauls way of thinking but the mustang market is crazy when it comes to low millage cars and people looking for something not thrashed . getting the money all depends on your credit like stated above. i am loan free as of the moment and loving it .